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Thread: My idea .

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    LifeCrysis Guest

    Re: My idea .

    Quote Originally Posted by zbuxx
    I think that this is a nice idea, but I think that this game needs different careers like airforce, navy and "normal" army, too... The guys who enjoy flying jets/helos should get other ranks than ppl who are only fighting on Karkand... and in every ranking-career u can decide between different unlocks... (it's very unreal to fly a jet with an anti-tank kit... :S)

    ... but my dreams will never get real

    ^^^BF3 maybe?

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    shadowmafia Guest

    Re: My idea .

    There should be an option for: Yes I like the idea, but I know that theres a 100% chance that it will never happen, no matter what.

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    simon1973 Guest

    Re: My idea .

    Nothing will happen but your idea is good.

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    Adamshannon8 Guest

    Re: My idea .

    maby a another 7 unlocks? and you get 1 per rank after sargent major.

    1@ sargent major
    1@ 2nd lutenet
    1@ 1st lutenet
    1@ major
    1@ lt. colonel
    1@ colonel

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    7man Guest

    Re: My idea .

    I don't like the idea bf2 is to far along to make any changes like that. Since everyone knows that there will be no huge changes in bf2. But one can dream.

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    BlazinAngel-51 Guest

    Re: My idea .

    Good idea, I though of the same a while back, before 2142 came out, but to bad it's never going to happen .

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    davelisowski Guest

    Re: My idea .

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowMafia
    The mods suck, which is why most people still play vanilla, but eventually its going to get old.

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    Monkey_Priest_UK Guest

    Re: My idea .

    Good idea
    But we can dream on i guess...

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