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    [GU]LIZARD{GEN} Guest

    Rockheadgaming 24/7

    Stay away! These guys are complete *** hats. Apparently we must play pee wees play house, and Mr.Rogers magical world of make believe to be qualified to play on this server.. The weed these guys are smoking must be good... I didn't know so many hippies played BF2.

    Anyway I am in this server and at first its all good. We are kicking some ***. Then I get kicked (first time) for apparently shooting the admin in the main base I believe his name was "[RH]Auto Target" and I killed him after he apparently ran to the base with the apache.

    I came back went to his squad asked why I was kicked he started in with his redneck voice on how I was illegally base raping. He went to tell me how unless he engaged me from the main base it was illegal for me to kill him. He also insisted he wasn't on the repair pad he was killing people destroying his assets go figure.
    So after explaining to him that I had no idea where or what he was doing, that I just locked onto the target and fired, he apologized for being a ***, and he explained what I couldn't do. Even though it was stupid it was the only server running a good map or a semi good map that is that had people in it.

    So I played on a bit, since I was suppose to be able to kill people engaging me from the main base I did so. I didn't get kicked or no more warnings nothing. So I died and it was like the 3rd or 4th round I had played. I am waiting for my chopper when the TOW missile hits it. I let it happen two times, then I asked my partner in the other helicopter to handle it.
    This is where it gets funny. They actually TELL him that he cannot shoot the TOW with the helo, and then he also says that because it wasn't Immunity being fired at, that he is not able to shoot at them. He got kicked for making a comment about this, and I got kicked shortly afterwards for telling them I was going to post here. It won't do any good to report this to ROE so I may do it anyway, but I am sure anyone who joins this server will have a displeasing experience. Especially is strict, and idiotic is these people are. To enforce such stupid rules.

    The amount of people kicked off this server while we played is in the 10s digit. They must of kicked everyone and anyone who was in the main base. The kicked one guy for illegally shooting at someone why he was blowing up assets. He was according to them not suppose to shoot at anyone unless they fired at him first, but he was allowed to blow up assets.

    This is not a post whining, or anything but its a fair warning stay off this server.

    As you can see this is not the same guy that kicked me previous to this. They apparently do not like to die. I was on their team for the majority of the round. and didn't get kicked until after I got swapped. Then when Immunity engaged them in the main base they started with the rule ****.

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    imported_Immunity Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    I think the above screenshot says it all.

    It's ok for the admins to sit on the SAS TOW and rack up points via shooting a grounded HIND, but I or anyone else is unable to help my teammate get off of the ground because the TOW isn't directly firing at me?

    Having said that, I'm fairly certain such a "direct fire" policy used to rack up easy points with immunity to retalliation is against the ROE somewhere (not that BFROE actually prosecutes legitimate cases. )

    The women at Rockhead ought to consider either -

    A. A server name change to something more suitable and less misleading for potential players. If I may be so kind as to offer a few suggestions -

    Rockhead 24/7 Tea and Krumpets
    Rockhead 24/7 Where The Pus*ies Come Out To Play (guarenteed population boost w/that name )
    Rockhead 24/7 Don't Shoot Me Until I've Shot You

    B. Changing their game of choice to something more suitable to their perferred playstyle. Haven't played with you guys much, but I think The Sims Online or Barbies Online Playhouse is more catered towards your type.

    Going to end with a screenshot of my own, as I feel its applicable.

    What a fuc*in joke! :laugh:

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    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    I've been kicked from this server a few times for "fighting in the uncap base" on ghost town

    1. I was Spec Ops and just finished blowing up commander assets and then a assault guy starts opening up on me as I leave the base. I defend myself and gun him down, with only 2 bars health left. I leave the base and shortly afterwards I'm kicked for fighting. WTF?

    2. I was commander and was off on the sidelines of the map (but not at our main uncap base). I was alone and not near a CP, all of a sudden I get Artillery on me. Clearly the enemy commander was after me. I let it go and spawned at our main CP. I get artilleried again, waiting for the admin to boot the enemy commander, and nothing. So I'm pissed and search for the ba$tard and find him hiding on the bridge near the enemy uncap. I artillery him and within 30 secs, kicked.

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    [GU]LIZARD{GEN} Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    Yup same thing with us.. The rules are so dumb, and retarded. I doubt ROE will shut it down though. At the end of the day EA makes money off them. Its one thing to get a cheater banned, and hell have the time that don't even happen, but losing a server is losing money. Thats all there is to it. For such a name like Rockhead they should really consider Pillowheads, or Pussyheads, perhaps.

    Those rules are just to idiotic for anyone to follow, and its not that I don't understand them. So if an AA hits me from the middle flag, and I don't know for sure where it is, and there is an AA guy in the main base, and I were to kill that AA guy thinking it was the one locking me, then because that AA gun didn't fire at me, its base raping, and they can just up and kick me for it? It makes no sense, and how can you have team work, if you can't tell your buddy to help you kill the guy whose taking you out from half way across the map.

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    SuperTrooper Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    I one time got kicked for flying high in the blackhawk, trying to avoid SRAW's, AA's, machine guns, helos, tanks, and apc's etc.... then i get kicked for "wasting vehicles" then he tells me to return the black hark to the base.

  6. Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTrooper
    I one time got kicked for flying high in the blackhawk, trying to avoid SRAW's, AA's, machine guns, helos, tanks, and apc's etc.... then i get kicked for "wasting vehicles" then he tells me to return the black hark to the base.
    Wow, that's pathetic. Still, same as usual, best to just find another server. Something similar has happened to me, but there's no point arguing, they love that, makes their god complex bigger when they kick and ban you. Funny thing is, that server where I had a issue with the rules, each admin seems to enforce things differently, no consistency at all.

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    [GU]LIZARD{GEN} Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    Yes its ashame. They don't even post here to defend themselves. Whats sad is they only enforce these so called rules when it happens to them, and it just happened to be that we were on the opposing, and winning team I might add, with both choppers. It upset one of them because Immunity wasn't going to allow him to sit on the TOW while the rest of his team loses, and rack up points.

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    Gun slinger Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    I was on that server playing Ghost Town, I hopped in a Blackhawk with a few other guys, I didnt know they were going to land on top of that tall building and snipe but I figured hell I'll stay up here and revive them if needed......we all got kicked for not returning the Blackhawk to base LMFAO!!!! thats been a few weeks now I think and I havnt been back

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    [GU]LIZARD{GEN} Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    So if you die do you ask the enemy to bring it back, or when you fly there do you actually have to return it to the pad? Dude this thread has few people who have seen this, its obvious this is against ROE. Where in the HELL is Indianscout, and why doesn't he do something? Is he to good to see a post, and do something. Why should I waste my time reporting a server when 9 times out of 10 they won't even get so much as a warning.

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    Tronchaser Guest

    Re: Rockheadgaming 24/7

    Yup. I was kicked from that server for killing a guy in their main uncap as I was c4'ing their assets.

    It's the dumbest server I've ever played on. Period.

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