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    Big audio probbbblleeemm..

    Well, dont often ask question about technical problem, so I didnt know where to post this.

    Since over 2 month, my computer completely stopped receiving input audio. So I couldnt use my mic in Xifre, TS, MSN, bf2 voip, etc.
    It's NOT a mic problem, I tried on the other old computer and it worked well. It's NOT a driver problem, I reinstalled the driver several times.

    So I gave up. But now that I installed Project Reality, I realized how important communication was. So I really want to get my mic working... please help. Any ideas about this weird problem ?

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    PsychoSnowMan Guest
    I assume you've tried the obvious; setting the correct device in Sounds and Audio Settings, making sure the microphone volume slider isn't muted, etc. right?

    What sound card do you have? Or if you use integrated audio what chipset?

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