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Thread: SF choice...

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    pzittykitty1 Guest

    SF choice...

    Alrighty, this is my problem, i had to unistall everything a while ago, because something messed up in the patch, fixed. But when i reinstalled i didn't reinstall SF. I just wanted to get BF2 goin that day. And now i have AF installed and 1.4 patch is workin great for me. But, i now have a sudden urge to play SF.
    1) is it worth it?
    2) is there a way with out unistalling everything and getting everything messed up?


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    LifeCrysis Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    Should work like this

    1. Install SF

    2. Apply 1.4 full

    No unistall involved. Yes it is worth it. I find SF has much better competition than your run of the mill noob vanilla servers, not to mention the fact that this expansion flat out rips.

    Disclaimer: I did start this reply with the word should, there are no guarantees.

    And your sig is huge pal.

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    Bickus^Dickus Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    Quote Originally Posted by pzittykitty1
    1) is it worth it?

    Only you can decide if its worth it,i think SF rules.

    And yes your sig is a bit big mate ,my page screen has to alter to adjust to it.

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    pzittykitty1 Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    worked perfectly! thanks

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    666CORRSA Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    whats a sig ? and what are vanilla servers ? sounds like icecream

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    kulamonster3 Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    Yes.....SF is worth it! Put it in and I'll see you on the battlefield.

    1) Install SF
    2) Re-install patch 1.4 (full version)

    Good Luck!

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    Cayden360 Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    Yes SF is definetly worth it

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    BlazinAngel-51 Guest

    Re: SF choice...

    whats a sig ? and what are vanilla servers ? sounds like icecream
    Lol, a sig is the pictures people have under there post.(Like everyones above)
    And vanila servers are probly BF2 servers

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    Re: SF choice...


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