If you are like me and feel like the Call of Duty: WWII beta is full of nothing but SMG wielding foes, you aren't alone. It's a broken gun class. They shoot laser beams that hurt. Scientists call them "hurt beams" and they are all over the beta.

Fortunately, the developers are aware of just how stupidly broken that gun class is and they have already addressed it. An update is either already out or is forthcoming that includes some of the following changes and fixes.

All SMGs had damage per second and falloff ranges reduced
STG44 recoil has been "nerfed" (huh?)
M1A1, 1911, P-08 fire rates have been increased slightly
Infinite level loads and time-outs when using shader pre-caching and letter-boxing
Crash fix on start-up for Windows 8.0
Fixes to the behavior of the Resolution/Render Resolution/T2X Resolution advanced video options
Fixes to the T2X Resolution setting not getting preserved after exiting the game

The devs are also working on trying to fix issues with accessing the game due to bad connections and bad loading screens. Having some crashes in the middle of a game? Don't worry, they're working on fixing that issue as well.

It looks like they also set up a potentially helpful troubleshooting guide for Call of Duty: WWII over on the Steam Community page for the game.