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    Connection improvement.

    Is there any program that can set max download/upload speeds and bandwidth usage for a computer?

    Since I got a router and have to share it with the other PC. The other PC where other people are at don't use intensive programs but still annoy me.

    Wouldn't there be any program where you can set a max to bandwidth usage? So that I can normally play BF2?

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    Venomous Guest

    Re: Connection improvement.

    disconnect the main internet cord when no 1 is useing it and plug it into your computer plug it back into router when done

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    Re: Connection improvement.

    Yes but isn't there anything where I can sort of balance the speeds by pc's? So that the other one will have a higher rate of download/upload and the other lower when connection intensive programs are used?

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    [Spec-Ops]Bogo Guest

    Re: Connection improvement.

    Im really not good with routers, but my guess would be going into the internals and checking the settings.

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    Re: Connection improvement.

    Nah I would like to actually set a limit to one computer to what it can use (Bandwidth of course)

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