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    TboneLongshank Guest

    Re: Wish I could hide my name, & rank

    guys it is time to apologies to SERIALBUTCHER for the ppl that didnt see this thread come on ppl u totaly made it a flame thread over a simple thing in life i think its time for all who flamed him to say sorry my apologies SERIALBUTCHER

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    Cool Re: Wish I could hide my name, & rank

    Quote Originally Posted by Need_2_Kill
    Na I rather humiliate you in my house.
    "Don't be scured"

    I tried to join your server, but it is unpopulated, I invite you to mine, & you cringe in fear like a lil' pvnk 4$$ biotch

    You call Bushviper a "wuss", lol, I have fought Bushviper (4-star), & Baby Spinach
    (4-star) "hand to hand" in Warlord, & I can personally testify that they are "natural born killers", Bushviper got me like 3 to 1, & Baby Spinach got me 2 to 1, but I did hand both of them some of the only deaths they had in the round, scored a high k/d myself, & defended the palace successully the whole round while commanding, & won the round w/ (BLacK_JeSuS (4-star) help, the next round they joined the insurgent side, & we had 4, or 5 generals on 1 team, of which was comprised mostly of officers (but you know rank doesn't matter, right? lol)

    The carange, was legendary, I have never seen such a brutal beatdown in my whole life

    "Ohhhh the humanity, the humanity"

    While I excepted your challenge, & your "piss poor" server wasn't even populated, you declined my challenge, I have a lot of respect for Bushviper, & Baby Spinach, & have only disgust for you

    I'd like to rip those stars right off your 4$$

    Hide in your server, like they say, "If you can't run w/ the big dogs, stay on the porch w/ the pups

    Lieutenant General |SI|SERIALBUTCHER



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