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    MankeyMonkey07 Guest

    Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    hey everyone, just wondering what your favourite mod for battlefield 2 really is. i wanna get an idea as to which one i should play...

    thanks everyone!

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    SurgeY75 Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    Well i been playing POE2 for 2 weeks,but im not over keen on it...64 Player servers theres far to much armour!

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    $kelet0r Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    the mod scene for BF2 is quite small and not very popular mainly because the released ones so far have disappointed
    I am convinced that the people want a better BF2 - more teamwork, more skill, more realism, more lethality, better maps
    No one has stepped up and none of the unreleased ones promise that either - USI = singleplayer helicopter dominated experience, PRMM = teamwork but infantry only, PoE2 = singleplayer tank dominated experience, OPK = Balkan conflict - who cares.
    The problem with BF2 is that it is mere inches away from the perfect game but very few people are able to express what those inches should be ... and none of them seem to work for the mod teams sadly
    Others here will blame the statistics system but that's rubbish imo - a great game will stand tall unassisted by novelty features

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    kenof2142 Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    I only have 2 on my computer that I play pretty regularly, poe2 and allied intent...once NAW comes out with their single player mod I will play that when I want but for me, it's mainly vanilla and sf.

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    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    well i am waiting paitently for fh and eod since a lot of the mods i tried i didn't enjoy.

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    imported_Casper Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    PoE2 and USI are the only good ones so far. I have played them all but did not like any of the others.

    PRMM's maps sucked and they are trying to make an unrealistic environment realistic and they just flat out fail. I give them credit for trying to be different but I just dont like it at all.

    OPK lags like a mofo, the models and skins remind me of mods for 1942 for most vehicles, and while their maps are "ok" the environments dont look very good and there are way too many flags. I also did not care for the way the hand weapons and vehicles worked. Just felt buggy overall.

    USI's does a lot of neat things such as the A10 and all the vehicles they have. But their maps are not very good (which I am happy they are redoing them). For me its the sounds and massive armor battles... oh and did I mention the A10?

    PoE has most of it for me. I love almost all the maps, the vehicles look almost real, and for the most part it has the best gameplay and balance. I am not familiar with a lot of the equipment used, but the sounds are great and are what I imagine most of those weapons would sound like. I dont like the Guardian map at all as its too spread out. I also dont like the air combat for planes at all. But being a ground guy I am very happy and they have this part of the mod down solid. AA rocks and keeps those stupid planes down. No UAV! Counter measures for tankers!

    But things I look for in a mod might be different than what you might look for. So give them all a try I say as thats the only way to tell the good from the bad.

    It looks like the main two mods will be FH2 and PoE but I hope other mods like Pirates gets popular as well.

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    HaVOCK-ElEEt Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    Wow casper, I totaly disagree with you, lol.

    FH will be great, like the first one. POE2 is great if you like an expansion pack, with really dark maps.

    USI is fun, but I completely disagree about the sounds, completely.

    I love BF paint, and I dont care who disagrees, lol. EOD seems like it will never be done, and Pirates is my dream, please god dont wuit on that one guys.

    DCON and Rising conflicts are my two I am waiting for.

    P.S. Casper, which weapon sounds in POE2 do you like the best, and think would sound like that in real life? Do you like the sounds better than BF2?

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    CATIA Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    Quote Originally Posted by MankeyMonkey07
    hey everyone, just wondering what your favourite mod for battlefield 2 really is. i wanna get an idea as to which one i should play...

    thanks everyone!
    I have USI and POE2 installed. POE2 is by far the best mod out there. I'm looking forward playing DCon and FH2 when they come out.

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    imported_Casper Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    I like them all actually. The planes as the roar overhead is so cool. Tanks rumble great! The handweapons actually sound much more like I would expect a gun to sound. It has that missing ump that BF2 lacks.

    Yes I did not like BF2 sounds a whole lot. Some were good such as the arty sound but I hated the arty itself. lol. I have not played normal BF2 in so long now I almost forget what the sounds are like. After playing PoE I should try to go back and see how BF2v plays.

    Also its ok to disagree on things. Whats that old saying... "Different stroke for different folks".

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    IRC 121 Guest

    Re: Best mods for Battlefield 2??

    I posted a thread like this and got what I thought were great answers.
    I then downloaded Allied Intent and that was great for about a week. You get to play single player and mulitplayer. Then I noticed no one plays it on multiplayer except for like 5 people at a time. That stunk.

    For online play, which one has the MOST people playing? Like, a ton of people, not just 20 people? And whichever one that is, does it have a single player portion?

    Can't wait to see if this star wars mod ever gets done. Sheez. BF2142 will be a year old before that happens I think. Hope it is well worth the wait.

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