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    Prey Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Female Lead

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    A new gameplay trailer for Prey takes a different spin on the trailers we have already seen for the game. This time, we get our first look at Morgan, the female lead in the Arkane Studios developed game.

    Below is essentially the same trailer that you saw before but now with Morgan narrating and going through the motions.

    Whether you’re using mysterious alien powers to blast your way through your enemies… or transforming into a coffee cup to casually roll through a tough situation, Prey is all about empowering you to tackle every situation in almost any manner you choose. This philosophy is central to everything at Arkane Studios, and is a core part of Arkane’s reimagining of Prey. But this doesn’t just apply to how you play. It also extends to who you are. In Prey, players will not only define themselves through their actions, but they can also choose their gender. While this choice won’t change the story or how you interact with the world – because Morgan Yu is Morgan Yu, and he or she will be defined by the choices you make – it’s yet another way that Arkane is saying yes to the player.

    The theme of identity is central to Prey,” says Creative Director Raphael Colantonio. “Who is Morgan Yu exactly? We want to give you the freedom of being a man or a woman, but we also don’t want to limit who you become when you make that choice.”

    Prey is slated to be released in 2017.

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    But can i be a cau... nah, not going there... but if you're going to tout choice as being a feature...

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