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    GzT_Gas Guest

    Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film

    You have a talent there my boy..............

    Oh by the way for the other folks viewing Fillet is a valued member of GamerzTheatre, why not visit us soon.

    We have one of the Sir's as a member to now and hope that more of you movie makers join us soon.

    Crazycanuck from the Dissident clan and maker of Warbirds
    and Hostile Acts;4.../fileinfo.html
    has opened up a website dedicated to all Battlefield2 movie makers.

    The site is in it infancy but already we have attracted some of the best movie makers out there. Maniac~VVV~ who is fast picking up a reputation, Crazycanuck and Jaws, StRuPiE and Little Donkey (The Fallen One) and the one and only S Noken of Mine 1 & 2 fame joined us.

    The aim of this site and forum is to showcase the movies made by members and others and also to support each other with tips and actual hands on help.

    We intend to expand into other fps games, you make the movies, we will show them.

    This is fast becoming a new artform, already it past the "lets run fraps and make a movie" stage. Noken spent hundreds of hours on his movies to get that "one shot" or the "angle" just right.

    Please check out the new site..............

    For the forum go here.........

    Movie makers at every level are welcome, from beginers up, also looking for people who do soundtracks to join us.

    Hope to see you in there


    Ps hope you dont mind me hijacking your thread Fillet buddy.

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    [C22] Filet Guest

    Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film

    Hijacked indeed.

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    Smile Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film

    Here is how i see it:
    A person asked for help to find a nightmap, several times.
    No one in this tread helped him, so i tried one google search and posted it.
    For some strange reason many people ask for help here instead of using searchengines like google themselves, but google is not excactly a huge secret on the internet.
    By helping him i maybe spoiled your "secret", but i'm still sure your movie will be great. Regardless of my spoiling.

    Btw. thanks for a great signature!:laugh:
    I took the liberty to shorten it a bit, but i kept the essens of your statement.

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    [C22] Filet Guest

    Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film

    The internet is fun.

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    [C22] yrethguad Guest

    Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film

    What's a google?

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    Murta Guest

    Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film

    Sick! Sort of reminds with of Resident Evil. Looking forward to seeing the movie man.

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    [C22] Filet Guest

    Re: [TRAILER] Quarantine - A BF2 Horror Film


    That's the best comment so far.

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