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Thread: Invalid OS

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    csidle Guest

    Re: Invalid OS

    Funky|DK is the friend, so you can just ask him directly. Also, I doubt he did. He'd probably have told me.

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    Funky|Dk Guest

    Re: Invalid OS

    Still somebody here there can help me?

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    Re: Invalid OS

    What version of Windows?

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    imported_JimPrime Guest

    Re: Invalid OS

    Well its happened to me once, but only in america's army but the issue was the same, turned out that it was a virus causing all the problem, so i run some virus scans, some malware and trujen scan, which fixed the problem for me so i would say u should try that, because even if u think ur pc doesn't have a virus there might be one, so give it a try

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    |-TC-| NZSAS-Trooper Guest

    Re: Invalid OS

    Quote Originally Posted by csidle
    He is the only account on the PC.
    Theres you problem. He needs to be an adminastrator to play online.

  6. Re: Invalid OS

    yeah make sure hes admin:

    start -> settings -> control panel -> user accounts and check to make sure hes part of the administrators group and not just users

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    Funky|Dk Guest

    Re: Invalid OS

    I Have ask EA about the O/S Error in punkbuster and they said i should look at this hp

    I Have ask EA and they said i sould look at this hp

  8. Re: Invalid OS

    yeah the vx2finder.exe worked for me when i had that problem

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    Funky|Dk Guest

    Smile Re: Invalid OS

    Okay it Works now i have reinstall my windows ......

    I will just say after the virus scan it works fine so thanks all for your help...

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