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    sknight Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    when I was doing research to buy my mouse, everyone on the forums seemed to be saying the MX518 was the most awesome mouse ever. I went ahead and bought it and it is pretty nice indeed.

  2. Re: Need Mouse Advice

    Still my favorite by design, does not mean it is the best performer, just unbeatable layout. It is so hard to find these anymore

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    Blades Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by SmallCrater
    Razer Diamondback Limited Edition Plasma Gaming Mouse.

    SmallCrater love the long name and it can double as a mechanical aimbot!
    Please, if you MUST talk in the 3rd person, then do it correctly...

    [sarcasm]Anything with a really good macro program is excellent! So you can dolphin dive and tv missle to your hearts content. Those are the best mouses! [/sarcasm]

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    Zaltehook Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    Logitech Mx518 is monster mouse, mines been working perfectly for a long while now. Worth every penny in my opinion.

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    imported_The_Revrend Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    G5 FTW, the ability to Weight the mouse is a godsend.


  6. Re: Need Mouse Advice

    Aren't these out of his $30 price range though?

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    dignacio Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    No kidding, the OP asked for a mouse under $30 and people suggest mouse that's over $40. My suggestion would be to get the Logitech MX510. This mouse can be had for under $30. Check It's similar to the MX518 except it only goes up to 800 dpi sensor vs. 1600 dpi (MX518). The MX510 has the same amount of buttons as the MX518.

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    royaljewellz Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    That MS Habu mouse does look pretty sweet. I wander how it will perform...

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    Tikigod Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    Thread Starter was in Houston which has a fantastic computer store. I say just go down to Fry's Electronics and see what mouse feels most comfortable for you in your price range. My guess is a logitech will be your best bet. Razer's mice are more expensive and have really high sensitivity which some people like and other people hate. But generally, all mice are equal.

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    sassback Guest

    Re: Need Mouse Advice

    well, i see almost everyone agrees on the logitech. i just checked it out on newegg and it seems pretty sweet. i get paid tomorrow so i dont think another $10 or $15 will be an issue. thx guys

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