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Killing Floor 2 was updated today with a "Revenge of the Zeds" content update. This update includes, among other things, a new PvP mode.

  • New PVP Gamemode - Versus Survival
  • New Map - Prison
    • with new map achievements

  • New Offperk Weapons - Sharpshooter perk and remaining weapons will follow
    • LAR
    • Crossbow

  • Live Update system
    • This will allow us to update many game values for game balance without shipping a new client or server build

  • Game Conductor System
    • The game will dynamically dial in the gameplay for the appropriate amount of challenge based on the players in the match.
    • On HoE difficulty, the GC only throttles up from the baseline, never below

  • Item Crafting System
    • Existing items can be broken down into crafting material that matches its rarity. Master crafted and Precious items can not be broken down. Combining the materials will create a random new item of the next highest rarity.
    • Craft Weapon Skins or Cosmetic Accessories
      • 10 Common Material > 1 Uncommon Item
      • 10 Uncommon Material > 1 Rare Item
      • 10 Rare Material > 1 Exceptional Item
      • 10 Exceptional Material > 1 Master Crafted Item

  • Over 70 new community workshop items shipped in the following new Supply Crate and USB series
    • Horzine Supply Crate | Series #3
    • Horzine Supply Crate | Series #4
    • Horzine Supply Crate | Series #5
    • Horzine Supply Crate | Series #6
    • Tactical Horzine Encrypted USB
    • Predator Horzine Encrypted USB
    • Emergency Issue Horzine Encrypted USB
    • Street Punks Horzine Encrypted USB
    • Horzine First Encounter Encrypted USB

VS Survival Additions
  • Added the ability to play as Zeds (Part of Vs Survival)
    • Alpha Clot
    • Slasher Clot
    • Gorefast
    • Bloat
    • Husk
    • Crawler
    • Stalker
    • Siren
    • Scrake
    • Fleshpound
    • Patriarch

  • Alpha Clot abilities
    • Slashing Attack
    • Grab
    • Commanding Shout (Roar)

  • Slasher Clot abilities
    • Slashing Attack
    • Heavy Attack
    • Roll
    • Leap

  • Gorefast abilities
    • Light Attack
    • Heavy Attack
    • Area of Effect Attack

  • Bloat abilities
    • Slashing Attack
    • Puke
    • Lay Mines

  • Husk abilities
    • Cannon
    • Flamethrower
    • Melee Attack
    • Suicide

  • Crawler abilities
    • Light Attack
    • Heavy Attack
    • Suicide
    • Leap Attack

  • Stalker abilities
    • Light Attack
    • Heavy Attack
    • Dodge
    • Siren abilities
    • Scream
    • Vacuum
    • Bite

  • Scrake abilities
    • Light Attack
    • Heavy Attack
    • Whirlwind

  • Fleshpound abilities
    • Light Attack
    • Heavy Attack
    • Rage Mode

  • Patriarch abilities
    • Melee Attack
    • Chain Gun
    • Tentacle Grab
    • Missile Strike
    • Heal
    • Mortar Barrage

  • Third person character animations should now look better when characters are looking about and aiming
  • Headshots now impart force on the ragdoll from the direction of the blow
  • All Zed attacks impart some force to players
  • Removed recoil kick when jumping and firing (does not affect boomstick jumping)
  • New Crate and USB opening animations and rarity sound fx
  • Weapon Skin Icons have been re-worked
  • Players can now equip weapon skins directly from the new item UI
  • Depth of Field has been added to the gear menu
  • New 9mm sounds
  • Revised gamepad controls
  • Adding alternative gamepad control presets (Default - 0, Quick Draw - 1 , Jumper - 2, Southpaw - 3: not named ingame yet)
  • UI: Kill messages for zed kills on the HUD (Default is off, see gameplay options)
  • Players will now drop their best weapon on death if the weapon they have out cannot be dropped
  • Zed time post process effect has been tuned to avoid bloom getting blown out in some lighting scenarios
  • Flashlight brightness has been tuned
  • Items purchased from the ZedConomy Store are now tradeable, but not marketable.
  • Welder removed from the weapon selection menu - now only available from the prompt to bring up welder at door - This should allow players to select the healer more reliably
  • General optimization pass, some users may notice performance gains

  • Increased speed of AA12 elite reloads
  • Decreased cost of AA12 (1700 > 1500)
  • Increased speed of equip and putaway for welder
  • Increased speed of equip and putaway for healer by 2x
  • Speed of healing others and yourself has been increased
  • Increased speed of equip and putaway of all weapons by 60%
  • Fleshpound will no longer perma-rage, and Scrake will no longer insta-rage when they are among the last few remaining Zeds

  • Possible fix for “Phantom Projectiles” issue with projectile weapons
  • Fixed some issues with the Husk sprinting animations
  • Fixed some spectating UI issues
  • Fixed rubberbanding/jittering when grabbed by Zeds & Patriarch tentacle
  • Fixed an issue with using HOLD iron sights keeping you in ironsights after letting go
  • Fixed Berserker attack speed UI display
  • Possible fix for trader not filling ammo when you only need a few bullets
  • Fixed an issue where you could stand on top of dosh bling
  • Fixed some issues with FLEX on KF-VolterManor
  • Fixed some pathing issues in the Birthday room of KF-Bioticslab
  • Fixed some issues with rarity and conditions of weapon skins
  • Fixed an issue where Rack Em’ Up UI would persist after death or perk swap
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t break zed limbs in real time

Known Issues
  • You cannot parry player controlled zeds in Versus
  • May be some clipping issues with some of the new cosmetics
  • May be some pathing issues with KF-Prison

SDK/Mod Workshop
  • Added support for .int and .ini to the manual upload tool (GUI upload support will follow at a later date)

Special note on FLEX:
We feel we are close to returning FLEX functionality to the game. We are keeping a close eye on performance and crashes related to it. We have turned FLEX off completely for this build as in the process of fully testing a new build of this functionality and it was not ready for this release.

Special note on Versus Survival:
Our internal testing focused mostly on human teams around the same level (1’s, 12’s and 25’s)

New Languages Supported Thanks to Steam Translation:
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian