Edmund McMillen just updated the official Binding of Isaac website with fresh details on what fans can start to expect from the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth expansion. First up, McMillen revealed that there will now be a third alternate tileset for each chapter. For instance, the Basement/Cellar now has a chance to be a Burning Basement or a Burning Cellar.

aside from how different this alt looks it also features many different changes.-there is a high % chance that many different enemies will become “flaming alts” all new level alts will feature modded stats and new attacks-there is a small % chance that rocks will become fire pits. these seem like minor changes but in a lot of ways these new alt levels will act as “champion” variations of levels, making things slightly harder but also raising the possibility of more reward.

Secondly, McMillen touched upon what he's planning to do with The Lost. He revealed that The Lost initially started out just as a small community ARG he designed for Rebirth. But people love to datamine and something he thought would take months only took a couple of weeks to discover. With that said, McMillen states that he is planning to retool The Lost to be just as rewarding but also a bit more fair. He put up an informal poll over at Reddit asking the community for feedback on the following options:

-The Lost starts with the D6 + speed up
-The Lost starts with the D6 + spectral tears
-The Lost starts with the D20 + speed up
-The Lost starts with the D20 + spectral tears
-The Lost starts with the D4 + speed up
-The Lost starts with the D4 + spectral tears

McMillen stated that he'll be back next week with even more details on Afterbirth.