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    sporkinum Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    I have saved flags from lone cappers numerous times using cartillery. Especially when you have idiots on your team that keep attacking a heavily defended flag instead of guarding the flags you already have. Great against aa as well.

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    Heavy552 AWG Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    I would drop a vehicle in front of an enemy tank while it is engaged in a tank fight with "my" tank. The extra round enemy tank wastes clearing the view block gives my tank just enough supply "Hit" I dropped on it at the same time to survive the encounter with that enemy tank and hopefully healed.

    Sometimes I would drop the vehicle in the hotel alley and close the door to the enemy infantry. They find that they need another way out. One retard actually blew it up and got so many Tk's LOL.

    But my personal favorite is the dropping on the moron at the TOW or manning another vehicle like the vodnik or humvee using it to defend. That vehicle floats down onto them and it totally screws em up.

    I even tried stacking vehicles onto something to allow folks to get from roof to roof but is not working as well as I hoped.

    But I save the best for last. Drop it on the enemy commander. That really screws his "Railroad train" of battle thinking and derails his entire game.

    After a few of those, they wise up and hide under something.

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    Sean Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    Hey!!!! Ididnt know you could drop a vehicle on an enemy!!!

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    Harmor Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    Quote Originally Posted by Radar-C}{G-
    Someone may have already had this idea, but it is new to me and wanted to post it up for some feedback.

    Here's the scenario: The roadway is blocked by enemy mines, preventing armor and transports from getting through to support ground troops. Would it be a viable use of cartillary to drop a vehicle on a mine to detonate it, thus clearing the path for the armor?

    Just a thought.
    Kewl...added an addenum.

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    cantfinddeletebutton Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    i have cartillered so many attack heli's it is priceless every time you just see the car fall and if you look closely you can actually see the pilets look of confussion of thier face.... lol it is sweet

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    Kowomg Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    Thanks, even though i knew most of it. Common sense maybe?
    Its sad that a lot of servers say no cartillery. I don't know why it shouldn't be allowed.
    Has always been where the cars while comming down they sway? i thought at the beginning they didn't. don't remember >.<

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    kulamonster3 Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    As a sniper, I hate cartillery, but as long as I am on a flat surface then I just keep the E key down while sniping, and thank the commander for a free ride!! The best is a free gun on a roof top to mow down the commanders forces. As long as the vehicle does not hit something on its way down, and as long as you are not on the edge of the rooftop, so the car can tumble off with you in it, have fun snipping, and ticking off the commander!!

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    mattijs Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    ty for the tips

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    x_knight_x Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmor
    Now you can drop vehicles how do you support your troops? Here are some tips:

    1. Stranded Teammates: When you see a teammate in the middle of nowwhere, drop them a vehicle. It'll get wherever they are going faster.
    2. Pre-place vehicles for your teammates: Many times a teammate will jump over a wall, go though a fence or go up a flight of stairs and not be able to use the vehicle they just got out of. If you pre-place vehicles for your teammates they can immediately take the vehicle to wherever they are going that much faster.
    3. 'Runners' are now a higher priority: Before 1.30 when you saw a guy running towards a flag on foot you knew you had at least a minute or so before you had to do something...or could time an Artillery drop on them, but now the enemy commander can get them to the flag earlier and faster. Because of this catching 'runners' will become more of a higher priority.
    4. Destroying enemy crates: Alot of times you'll see an enemy armor with a supply crate next to it or behind it. A single AT guy can't take the armor out because of the supply crate. Before 1.30 you would drop artillery to weaken the tank (very hard to get a direct hit), but at the very least destroy the supply crate. Well now you can drop a vehicle on the supply crate. Only draw back is that if the AT guy doesn't kill the guy, he can get into the jeep and kill your friendly AT.
    5. Killing Enemy Snipers on Rooftops: Sometimes its so hard to drop artillery on the lone sniper that dropping claymores from a supply crate and keeping an entire squad at bay. Now you can drop a vehicle to kill the sniper ontop of rooftops. If you angle it right the vehicle will fall down and destroy itself so the sniper can't use it against your troops.
    6. Blocking Enemy Advances: You can place a vehicle in the way of enemy armor or troop movements to slow their advance. If you drop your vehicle right you can place it where they enemy is forced to destroy it. Many kits can't do it very easily, so unless they are SpecOps or Anti-tank it will slow them down significantly. Even a Support guy will take a while to destory a vehicle that is blocking his way.
    7. Friendly Perch spots: Many times have a vehicle in a particular location or on the opposite side of a fence or low wall will be very benifical. Place vehicles on these locations for your troops.
    8. Killing Enemy Plane/Helicopter Campers: You can drop a vehicle on the two or more guys camping a plane to really **** them off.
    9. Blocking Enemy Jets: Placing vehicles on the runway, far enough away that they have to either run to move it or destroy it before they take off, may give your friendly pilots a few pecious seconds to shoot them on the ground. If you time your drop right you can destroy the jet as its taking off or at least damage it :-)
    10. Cartillery: Here's an example:
    11. USS Essex: Placing a vehicle at the far end of the carrier might give your SpecOps guys a little more survivabiltiy. Besides allowing them to Jihad jeep jets or helicopters on the deck, or mow down enemies on the deck it might give them a chance, finally, against the AA gun there.
    12. Addendum: Dropping a vehicle next to enemy armor: When the vehicle explodes, in addition to hopefully destroying the supply crate that was next to the armor, it will damage anyone around it. It might just be enough damage to give your AT guys a change to blow it up instead of it catching on fire and the guy getting out and killing friendlies on foot.
    13. Addendum: Giving enemy a vehicle on purpose: I sometimes give enemy a vehicle on purpose. See alot of times your armor can't kill enemy infantry because they are in inside or on top of buildings. If you place a jeep where they'll use it they jump out of their hiding spot and in into the vehicle to go on a road towards a flag OUT IN THE OPEN. Now if I see my armor advancing towards a flag wouldn't it be better that the guy be in a jeep than laying in wait with his AT rocket, ready to blow the C4 he planted on the flag, or in the Tow missle ready to take out my armor advancing on the position?

      Granted, it doesn't always work because the guy actually gets away, but my armor gets to cap that flag and I drop artillery or cartillery on the guy wherever he goes - gotta destroy that jeep so I can use it for my next Cartillery barriage.

      Additionally, my snipers can kill an enemy in the turret of a jeep MUCH EASIER than juking on foot. Again, if I know one of my snipers is coving a position (by looking at what way his arrow is pointing or communicating with him over VoIP if he's a squadleader), and a good distance away, so my sniper doesn't get mowed down, he'll take him out. I've done this on flags and my snipers have killed like 4-5 guys before they get the wiser. I know when my commander does that (I communicate over VoIP), he drops it and I'm sitting there laying in wait as they enter the vehicle ready to headshot the guy as he enters the vehicle - much easier to hit a guy in a jeep than running around on foot. Although it doesn't always work, its still situational.
    14. Addendum: Dropping on enemy artillery: Saw this in from NympH. Great idea except that USMC its very hard to do (only 1 pixel) vs. MEC/China with the Vodnik where (9 pixels):
    15. Addendum: Dropping next to fixxed gun emplacements: Many times someone in a TOW, fixed machine gun or AA will be too busy to notice the vehicle you dropped next to them. When it explodes not only will it kill the gunner, but also disable the TOW or AA gun (not on the USS Essex). You can also place the vehicle in the line of fire. This way gives your armor a change to get close or get away.
    16. Addendum: Dropping on enemy AT mines: Dropping a vehicle on enemy AT mines will destroy them. This is good to remove roadblocks at chokepoints where its not practical for a friendly engineer to get out and repair.

    All-in all the ability for Commanders to drop vehicles is a HUGE change to gameplay. Not only does it give us commanders a few new tricks up our sleeves, but it also allows us to grief people more. I predict some servers will start making rules against dropping vehicles on certain locations (like the USS Essex), but I'm not sure that's against ROE.
    Very useful post

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    Heavy552 AWG Guest

    Re: 1.30: New Commander 'Tricks'

    Here is a new one...

    Place the UAV over less populated areas after a scan. The scan reveals the true concentration of enemies for Artillery.

    That way the chopper whores (Ok ok I am one..) dont swoop in and kill everyone before your arty gets there killing half of your team that just swept in to clean up after the chopper.

    Something about that mass of red dots under a UAV that attracts too many friendlies willing to risk death by own artillery getting that extra few points.

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