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    PSA: Save Money by Spending Money at Amazon's End of Summer Sale 2014

    Amazon is running a weekend long "End of Summer Sale" that is going from right now until September 1. According to their list they have over 300 games on sale right now, with some of them being up to 75% off.

    Some of the games on sale include Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Battlefield 4, Civilization V, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, and literally dozens of other titles.

    You can scope out the full list for yourself over at

  2. I need to ask this question as I'm hoping you have the answer.

    Why 'O Why do Europe get screwed when it comes to sales?

    I speak more for the Playstation here, and my example is Call Of Duty (lets not start a debate over how poor it is)

    I want the Black ops 2 season pass for ps3 for Zombies... I can't get it unless I'm willing to pay 35.99

    I want the Zombies maps for WaW & Black ops 1, Can't get them unless i'm willing to pay 20 & 45 respectively.

    All these prices are from UK sources.

    YET! I see US & JAP sales almost every week where these prices are 50% off to 75% bringing prices down to about 5 a map pack.

    The UK Amazon doesn't even sell the season pass for Black Ops 2, Yet the US has it discounted.

    Why in the hell is Europe so different? Is it tax?

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