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    Thomas Magnum Guest

    Re: Why are folks clueless on Wake?

    Quote Originally Posted by Traci_Kila_Lords
    Beginning of the round, you hop in a Blackhawk. The pilot flies straight at the island at 100m. What happens? BOOM! J10 gets 6 kills. When they DO make it they go for the North or South Villages, the most heavily defended bases.

    When I get the BH at the beginning I go WAY out and around at VERY low altitude and go for the middle bases, the Beach or North Village which are rarely defended. 99% of the time I make it in the BH and get the base as the J10s are busy raping the carrier.

    Why do so few folks get this?

    Wake is my most played map, and believe me I feel your pain, but it just makes it that much better when you get on a good server, or with a good team, and Wake becomes the heated battle it is supposed to be.

    Anyone played IO Wake yet? I would imagine that would be interesting.

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    tcp1 Guest

    Re: Why are folks clueless on Wake?

    Name one that takes more teamwork to win. I am speaking from the usmc side of course.

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    Pluckyx24 Guest

    Re: Why are folks clueless on Wake?

    One time, I took the Blackhawk with a full group of people, and I flew it to the far west side of the map away from the island. Then comes a J10 firing at us. So I yell "Bail Out!" So, everyone jumped out, including myself and landed in the ocean. All six of us began swimming our way toward Beach, which took us almost half the game. And since one of us were a squad leader, two more guys spawned on him. It was a long, tiring swim. Few of us made it. Very emotional.

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    HoodyHoodRat Guest

    Re: Why are folks clueless on Wake?

    I hate playing USMC on wake so much. You can't tell people what to do so I just figure I should help them out. I usually get the cobra and hit the north tip taking out tanks, jeeps, and any AA emplacements. Usually someone is in the blackhawk and goes and takes north base while the boaters are assaulting north village. That's basicly every round of wake. Then it's a struggle for the airfield, usually it's capped then the Chinese take it right back.

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    NATESOR Guest

    Re: Why are folks clueless on Wake?

    Quote Originally Posted by =Android=
    Yes they do, I was playing wake the other day and this noob just kept flying through the middle in his BH, I would just destroy him in my j-10.
    sarcasm, bro. I have never seen it work ever, but they keep doing it. . . maybe THIS time!

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