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    BioDiaperX Guest

    Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    No i'm not tlking about hacks, cheats, exploits, whoring, etc, so if you came for that, leave now. Post any techniques you use to get several simultaneous kills with almost no effort. I know that if an enemy chopper is going down (crashing), if you shoot it with any handheld weapon strong enough to give it the slightest amount of damage, you'll get credit for the deaths of any numbskulls stupid enough to stay in the dying chopper. If you have any tips, post them here.

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    Sir. Blackhawk 5 Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    Armored convoy in Karkand, I did this a few hours ago, it worked out fine, works either side. 2 APC + 1 armor, all repair, voip teamwork, we kick ass, were top of the score chart aside from our commander

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    imported_Geo Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    Step 1. Learn to shoot.
    Step 2. Be Aware of EVERYTHING around you. Pay attention to UAV's, common spots on maps, and common techniques. Fall into a pattern where you know what you are going to do before you do it.
    Step 3. Roll Medic.
    Step 4. Lots of Kills.

    Oh, and know how to use everything your kit has. Know when to use your pistol over your primary, know when to use your knife, and know when to use your grenades. This all comes with practice.

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    OhTheHumanity420 Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    If you don't mind being cheap be asupport on a non-FF server and keep throwing nades, then when you're empty throw down a pakc for yourself. Rinse and Repeat.

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    BioDiaperX Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    I play support most of the time, and I usually end up taking some dead guy's kit for his gun, but the ammo pack tactic works especially well with flushing enemies out of hiding aka nade spamming.

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    TeLe-LoE- Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    C4 walls on Karkand. Any kind of hidden explosives do the job. Ive went 35-8 using ONLY c4 on Karkand (after the throwing of C4 glitch).

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    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    Strike at Karkand, claymores / C4's / PKM / medic.
    Or get in an armor/helo/plane.

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    BioDiaperX Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    Yeah PKM is good in CQB, but also at long range. find yourself a nice, high wooded spot with high grass overlooking a base or choke point and let the slaughter begin.

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    =DoG=Tango7 Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    Sniping - If you spot a squad who haven't seen you yet, shoot at everyone except the medic. He'll keep reviving everyone allowing you to kill them all over again, especially if they are disoriented for a second after being revived. When you are tired of this game, or they are about to move out of your line of sight, shoot the medic.

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    Kooper Guest

    Re: Ways to get massive kills with little effort

    I think people overlook the old pre patch ways for huge scores. Its legit but some would say lame.

    Support flying the mec or US transport helo's on songu(?) stalemate. Get a few engineers and watch guys in armour bail out when your engies are raining mines on them from above lol. I think i've only really done it once in which I got a 150+ score and the rest of the squad got ~80-90 each (might have a screenshot around somewhere).

    Both you and the engineers get high scores but you need a decent pilot. One that can use the mouselook effectivly wouldnt hurt either. Being able to use mouse look isn't a prerequ but it makes it much easier to hover near/infront of an armour column. Just remember that mines have an arming time so you need to allow for this.

    An alternative is to have a medic as pilot. The mec heli seems the best for this as the soldiers inside are more protected.

    1x pilot (squad leader) medic, points earned from flag captures aswell as special ability points whenever the support guy gives ammo to others on board.
    1x support guy at one of the windows throwing grenades/providing ammo, Points earned from ammo supply + killing other soliders using own grenages.
    3x engineers or spec ops. mobile descruction/repair crew. Points from repairs and descruction/repair of commander assets. C4 allows for more precision amour killing.

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