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    beaky65 Guest

    EA support

    I havent found anyone to provide an answer on connection lost issues. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. BF2 is unplayable for me now but I am sending in emails to EA support and it is always the same canned answer - open up your ports! Well my ports are open and I never had a problem conencting or playing for 9 months but now I do. Pathetic. When is a new patch coming out to fix this? If not soon I will be asking for my money back as this game does not work.

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    Eden Guest

    Re: EA support

    EA's support is non-existent, they don't actually have any trained support people they simple look up the answers in a "book of answers"

    Apart from trying to reinstall the game its likely that it just wont work. What exactly is the problem your having?

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    beaky65 Guest

    Re: EA support

    The issue is "lost connection". I cant stay on a server for more than a minute. So far I have tried defrag and reinstalling patch 1.3 which I downloaded from a different site. I am thinking of reinstalling the game completely. Any ideas. I played the game fine for 9 months and then randomly after patch 1.3 i cant keep the connection. ISP confirmed there are no issues with me.

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    Eden Guest

    Re: EA support

    Ah, try downloading pbsetup (punkbuster update utility) and manualy update PB that may solve the problem I know it seams to have worked for me yesterday as I was recently having some connection issues.

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    Akula(old) Guest

    Re: EA support

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    beaky65 Guest

    Re: EA support

    Thanks for this - Iwill try it. I do think I have isoltated the issue - my router! I turned it off and plugged the PC direct top the cable modem and it works - a little laggy but not bad. The wierdest thing is that after I put in the router the game worked just fine for a few weeks. Hopefully the punkbuster idea will also improve the performance. Cheers

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