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  1. Jets make using AA pointless...

    Am i the only person who thinks the fact that jets "deteriorate" at 50% is an absolute load of crap? The average burst of missiles OR a round from a stinger puts it down to 50%, from there on the plane deteriorates and starts to lose control. What on earth is the point in my firing at a plane when i know the second i get it down to 50% the person is going to bail? And quite frankly i dont blame them. Who is going to stay in a vehicle that is already engraving their tomb stone?

    Really is amazingly bad game design imo. I realise that the planes were OP in BF2. However taking away ALL of their abilities and making them unlocks is MORE than enough. Now they internally combust after 50%'s worth of damage?


  2. Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    I also think it is a bit weird, a jet gets disabled at 50% but then so does a tank lol playing the game I think it would be better if tanks took more damage before they were disabled (since they are tanks lol) and maybe tweak the levels across jets and helis etc

    but yes once you get disabled in a jet you are basically screwed, that is unless you have the extinguisher unlock which as I understand it recovers you from a disabled state, I have it unlocked but have not used it

    I have found that a lot of pilots do not bail instantly after being disabled, some do, others for some reason decided to go down with the jet as I give it a final burst to destroy it

  3. Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    I havent played Caspian yet, but to do all that at 50% seems kinda low. I think 20% would be better, I mean thats pretty good destruction and all these vehicles are designed to take some hits in real life. I know, its just a game, but even Demize says its about having fun.


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    Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    I agree. Lot's of complaints about this at various forums. It's ridiculous. It's even worse in jets when your only method of getting points is to kill other jets.

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    Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    lol. Yep. I've disabled a bunch of Jets, but only gotten about 2 kills from pilots that refuse to bail. Captain goes down with his ship.

  6. Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    Heck NO I dont! Screw that I bail UNLESS I have passangers.



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    Re: Jets make using AA pointless...


    The times i used the jet and got shot down, i just stayed in there. Didn't want to bail and run for 5 mins just to eventually get killed.

  8. Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    I would kill myself first.


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    Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    You sure do go the extra mile, to not give the enemy the satisfaction of killing you. Haha

  10. Re: Jets make using AA pointless...

    Yeah I do They dont have to worry about me being taken prisoner. I will escape or die by my own hand.


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