With Treyarch allowing us to finally mod Black Ops, the number of eSport-related mods (known generically as "promods") has already started to proliferate. As in past CoD's, eSports mods tend to be the most numerous because they are usually simplest type of mod to implement. They typically constitute changes to the basic game to allow for high FPS and also they typically introduce tweaks to the server rulesets to allow for a more balanced and skillful game.

Xerok is only the latest modder to come up with a BO "promod". He calls his mod xKMod.

  • Massive game tweaks that give a real FPS boost
  • FOV 90
  • Ambient sounds removed
  • Various eSport leagues configs are supported
  • Perks, kill-streaks, attachments, equipments removed. This mod was made to be used on e-Sports competitions, where this kind of stuff isn't allowed
  • Silent ADS
  • Steady sniper scope
  • Improved sniper rifle (you'll love this)
  • Improved no scope
  • Strat Time at the beginning of every round (in S&D mode)
  • You can drop the bomb by pressing the equipment button (usually X)
  • Custom plant/defuse sound
  • No briefcase while planting/defusing
  • Anyone can have their custom classes, restricted weapons will be replaced by other ones (find the restricted weapons list and more info below)
  • Custom team icons
  • Ready-up Period
  • Alive players counter
  • - You can see a counter on the bottom right of your screen that represents alive players of each team
  • Mode detection
  • - Editing the data of the "xk_mode" dvar in the server.cfg (included in the download link) with any of the available modes (see available game modes below) will activate/deactivate certain dvars depending on your needs.

Last time I checked the mod was in Beta; however, there are several people (D5Rush comes to mind) who are raving about it.

Now for those of you, like me, who gave up on CoD:BO because of the arcade-like quality of the game, the coming few months should be very interesting as we will be treated to FPS play the way the gaming gods intended. xKmod is just the beginning.

For me, CoD4 went the same way as BO. I tired of that game a few weeks after it came out (I couldn't stomach those spammy in-game helos). However, when raf1's Promod came out...well, let's just say I still play CoD4 Promod.

As far as xKMod being the next universally accepted eSport Black Ops Promod? Mmmmh...not so much. I do not believe CEVO, for example will be using it. Though, I have not heard what ESL will do. My guess is that everyone is waiting for Ingram (from CoD Promod) to come up with his version. Ingram's Promod Live has a direct lineage back to the original CoD4 Promod from Raf1 and thus he has the most street-cred. Everyone will be waiting for his version.

Having said that, with the mod-tools coming out eight months after game release, this is clearly too little too late.

While many of you will finally get to enjoy BO, now that it is in a Promod form, most serious eSport leagues will be ignoring it. Here in North America, only TWL is planning on a BO ladder.

Admins can download some of the latest released competitive mods for Black Ops here.

This is a nice step forward for the competitive community and a newer Call of Duty. What are your thoughts on getting a competitive mod going? Good for competition or is this more geared toward a now small minority in gaming? Will leagues pick this up and move Black Ops forward further?