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Thread: computer speed

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    Curtis12 Guest

    computer speed

    well, my computer is really getting slow and i dont no why, i dont have alot of files at all or to many programs. Also the power supply has been getting really loud. It just started late last night. Althogh i was in the back of my computer looking at stuff. If i took any thing out i know i put it back. then i turned on my computer and it was so loud. Its never been this lound in since i got this computer a year ago. so does anyone know what it might be from

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    Re: computer speed

    Maybe your fans are getting clogged and dusty thereby increasing your temperatures and slowing your machine down.

    Have you checked all of your fan (including your PSU fan) and dusted the inside of your case with compressed air?

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    Laike Guest

    Re: computer speed

    If the dust is cleared out and it's still slow, how long has it been since you last reformatted the PC? I find I have to reformat yearly or windows slows down dramatically

    although I've probably reformatted over 8 times in the last 6 months =\

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    Curtis12 Guest

    Re: computer speed

    ya its most likely dust in the PSU, iremoved the fan and there was some dust on the CPU heatsink as well. But its mostly just slow at star up. Right now its good, but earlier it was taking up to 25 seconds to load a page

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    RAF92_Warhawk Guest

    Re: computer speed

    you should go to msconfig, and disable some of the obvious junk you don't need when windows starts.

    As for the noise, your fans bearings might be getting messed up. On my old computer I had 3 fans for my CPU and one of them got messed up. When I turned on my computer it would make loud, incremental noises every few seconds and it would slowly calm down over a few minutes time.

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    Curtis12 Guest

    Re: computer speed

    no its fine now, i think the PSU plug in just wasnt in all the way

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    EngkAnt0 Guest

    Re: computer speed

    how do u reformat ur computer?

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    lil_jimmy_norton Guest

    Re: computer speed

    Quote Originally Posted by pinoy
    how do u reformat ur computer?

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    imported_Wreck Guest

    Re: computer speed

    Quote Originally Posted by pinoy
    how do u reformat ur computer?
    You take a "Valid" Windows install disc with a Legit Key and boot from the CD on startup. You then go to install windows on your hard drive. I usually delete the current partition, then create a new partition using the NTFS file system. I do a normal format, not quick. Intall windows, install drivers, update windows, and then install programs.

    It usually takes a couple of hours to get it back to normal. This will completely delete everything that was on your hard drive.

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