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    How will this run Bf2

    AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2Ghz
    1GB PC2700
    Radeon x800XL 256mb-256bit

    Will this MAx out Battlefield 2?

  2. Re: How will this run Bf2

    I would think so. Its double what the game requirements are.

    Not sure about the Radeon, but again, the memory on it is double.

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    Re: How will this run Bf2

    Quote Originally Posted by Rushhour33 View Post
    Will this MAx out Battlefield 2?
    no. you might be able to max out bf2 but it wont be very playable. I would say low, low-medium settings. I used to run a x800xt-pe and scaled back to medium settings to just get decent (60+) fps, and with only 1gb ram you'll get texture lag if you try to run high settings. With 4gb of ram my BF2 was eating up 1.9gb of memory.
    That system should play BF2 ok, but at lower video quality.
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