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Thread: Help ASAP.

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    K8T Guest

    Help ASAP.

    Yeah I just unlocked my computer and all of a sudden this bar appears on the desktop, im used to seing it on folders but now its apearing on the desktop, does anyone know how to get rid of it from the desktop?

    Here is the image of what I mean

    This bar is appearing on the desktop screen. Please post if you know how to fix ASAP cause its enoying the crap out of me. Thanks


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    Re: Help ASAP.

    this may help you,
    right -click on you start bar and select properties,then go to start menu tab and select classic view(will look like windows 98)

    then do the same and change it back to start menu (tick box above classic view) this should help

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    K8T Guest

    Re: Help ASAP.

    Sorry man I've tryed that already all it does is change the layout of the Start bar, like I restart my computer and that and its still there. I have 2 accounts an Admin account which is used to install stuff over my network and then there is a user account which Im using now and for everything else. Any other ideas? It had dissapeared from my folders then I went Tools > Folder Options > And then clicked Reset to Default, by right that should have fixed it... any other ideaS?

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    Re: Help ASAP.

    XP_CommonTasks.exe - Remove Common Tasks from Desktop
    © Doug Knox - 5/04/2003

    This application will correct the Registry setting that causes the Common Tasks pane to appear on the Windows XP Desktop.

    The correct value is: file://%userappdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop.htt

    And exists in:

    HKCR\CLSID\{00021400-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\shellex\ExtShellFolderViews\{5984FFE 0-28D4-11CF-AE66-08002B2E1262}

    To use: Download the file and save it to your hard drive Locate and double-click the file you just saved and extract XP_CommonTasks.exe. Double click XP_CommonTasks.exe to run the utility. You will need to log off/log on or reboot for the change to take effect. There is no install/uninstall. Simply delete the EXE file to remove it.

    The original VB Script version can still be found here.

    This page last updated 11/25/2005 21:16
    All material © Doug Knox

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    K8T Guest

    Re: Help ASAP.

    I ran the program but it says everything is correct... what now?

    The default path is file://%userappdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop.htt - is this what it is supposed to be or do I manually find the path?

    This is what Im seing when I log on,

    and this message displays too so anyone know what doto? You can email me at cause Im at work right now or you can email me at work at Thanks.

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    Re: Help ASAP.

    Run regedit and browse to this key:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{00021400-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\shellex\ExtShellFolderViews\{5984FFE 0-28D4-11CF-AE66-08002B2E1262}

    What do you see there?

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    Sir. S.A.S Guest

    Re: Help ASAP.

    k it seems to me windows is currupt and the active desktop is not working. so its seeing it as a folder. Personally id reinstall XP or format.

    OR can u rightclick on it and click close or something?

    try this right click on the blue bit of the start bar and select toolbars and see whats enabled in there and see if its possible to remove it from there!

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