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Thread: Playable Maps

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    Banthur Guest

    Playable Maps

    How many SF maps are unplayable for you guys (due to lag or glitches or any reason at all that's not "I don't like it")

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    Chowley Guest

    Re: Playable Maps

    Wheres the 0 option ?

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    ShapeSh1fter Guest

    Re: Playable Maps

    64 Iron is still @ 20ish fps when there's action... blahhh
    the rest is fine though and runs better then 64 karkand for example

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    exho Guest

    Re: Playable Maps

    Most of them actually as long as its not 64, just not to pretty

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    exho Guest

    Re: Playable Maps

    Wow wtf happened there?
    Edit:thanks to whoever fixed that

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    bballplayafors Guest

    Re: Playable Maps

    Warlord is the only one I get lag on. It's bad though. Iron Gator is fine for me.

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    Palerider Guest

    Re: Playable Maps

    I'd have to go for the none existant 0 option...

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    Re: Playable Maps

    The Iron Gator is unplayable and Warlord is just playable ... few stutters here and there often.

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