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    Robske007a Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    In a post i have read, 'to promote teamwork, it's good that they turned on language filtering' hmmm, lets compare that with real life activity, lets say in Irak, when the american troops encountered enemy fire, what will they say: "O sjeez we got enemy fire friends" or "holy sh!t, enemy tank inbound, find some cover" "f!ck i'm shot!".

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    Robske007a Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    I'm glad to see that my thread survived, I haven't seen it in a while, and people keep voting and the results are visible, more then 75% of the BF2 community wants that annoying filter away.

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    Bildungsroman Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    i agree,its ok to kill somone but you cant say penisasshorse****er, if u are to much of a mommas boy to hear swears get the hell away from an online fps, i hate that excuse oh its for kids, the only ppl i know dont like swears are religous freaks and gays, u dont see our soldiers yelling at ppl calling them a silly poopoohead, why not put a black bar over the guy when u shoot him that way u wont see violence, un****enlievable

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    Xanthias Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    The problem I have with non-filtering a server is that people get too much of a kick out of abusing the ability to use words like that. We've had a couple people see how much crap they can say before they get kicked. A couple people are very talented and can say ALOT in 10 seconds!! :-x

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    Regent Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    This argument is so tired... You're entering a server which you don't own, and therefore your first amendment rights have been left at the door, period. Most gamers have trained themselves to watch the server chat, and believe it or not, they don't find the torrential downpour of profanity in most servers to be entertaining. Much less if they've invested the time and money required to setup and admin a server. People trash server admins for being short with them, but they might want realise that the BS gets old soon, and you're just not that special. Most mature people just want to play the game.

    It's very much like having a party at your house. You extend an invitation to some friends, and tell them to bring theirs. Well, it's a party, so we're gonna have some fun! As usual, some jerk goes too far with the "fun", and distracts every person in the party with the ensuing screaming match, and ejection. That's what it's like to have some foul-mouthed jerk show up and distract everyone from the game with their antics. It annoys people. It's not funny. Adults, on average, don't like it. It distracts people from the entire purpose of the game, which is to engage in a friendly competition, and have some fun.

    I'd like to imagine that every person who posts a rant on this topic is 12-16 years old....but I know that just isn't true. How would you like it if you invited some friends out to an R rated movie with your family, and one of them kept shouting obscenities at the screen? Don't you get it? Online gaming is a SOCIAL SITUATION, and you may want to exercise a reasonable amount of restraint, especially as children may be watching the screen, if not playing the game directly!

    And before you say kids shouldn't be playing the game... they do anyway. Server admins can't prevent children from entering the server, but they can control what goes on once they arrive. Hence the need for a profanity filter. I don't know what further explanation could possibly be necesssary. Grow up.

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    SO19Visionaries Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    just type "moron", alot of the 12 year old admins dont know what it means and pb doesn't seem to pick up on it.

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    Older-OMO Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    I'll bite since the tide is overwhelming in dumping the filter. Filtering is fine. It keeps people focused on the game and less time focused on flaming the chat. If you want to swear, find servers that have no rules. If you come to a server with the filter on, deal with it. It takes more effort to type that stuff out than it's worth. It's funny how people leave their maturity and restraint at the door when doing stuff on the net. It's supposed to be the wild frontier with no rules. Impose a rule limiting behavior and it's like all freedom is at risk. Obviously that isn't the case here or in the real world. There isn't an absolute right to free speech here or anywhere. You have already signed your rights away with your agreement to abide by EA's online rules. The filter is there to enforce the behavior agreement.

    Save your energy to argue real issues that have meaning beyond the right to text swear because it makes you feel better. Argue for better quality of code. Argue for more features and enhancements. Even argue to have admins examine their filtered words like using literals instead of lots of wildcards or 3strike policy. But please don't waste your time arguing about censorship or your right to swear. We don't go to Iraq to protect the right to be crass or vulgar. People spend more time figuring out new ways of outsmarting the filter than they do trying to get better at the game. My server, my rules. Majority rule doesn't apply until you start paying the bill and having to deal with every smacktard that believes it is his God given right to type anything he wants.

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    « RČ» HKS Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    Quote Originally Posted by SO19Visionaries
    just type "moron", alot of the 12 year old admins dont know what it means and pb doesn't seem to pick up on it.
    It has nothing to do with pb picking up the word moron or not.The language filter is setup by admins,who choose the words to filter, with admin software like BF2CC. It has nothing to do with pb, EA or BF2. The only thing pb does is gives you the pb kick reason, that's it.

    I certainly understand what moron means and that statement you made about the language filter and pb applies to the meaning of the word. :laugh:

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    Regent Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    Quote Originally Posted by <<R2>>Capt.HKS
    I certainly understand what moron means and that statement you made about the language filter and pb applies to the meaning of the word. :laugh:

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    cavemanuk Guest

    Re: Punkbuster 'language filter'

    Quote Originally Posted by Strega
    If you can't handle foul language, get off the f*cking internet. If you are a child/minor and your parents don't want you to see that kind of language, I think there needs to be better parental control. Hell, you can cuz in EverQuest, and you can play it at age 13. You don't get auto kicked for it.
    I dont think you understand. The admin is in control. If they decide they can't handle foul language, its you who is kicked out. It makes no difference to him. your gone. If you cant handle that fact, you should "get off the internet" yourself.

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