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Thread: Wishing thread

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    ZemonerZ Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    how are they going to fit a shark in my beer? i gotta toke up a little bit to see sense in that

    Granted, you eventually follow the same path as john holmes

    I wish I lived in Amsterdam

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    BigFinger Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    granted have fun selling your arse for 2 euros a pop......

    I wish i knew what hedgehog tasted like...

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    imported_Max_Cavalera Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    granted...but that becomes the only thing you can taste, which is like ass

    I wish I could plug myself into my PC via USB or SATA

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    Xicer Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    Granted, but your Anti-Virus detects you as a virus entering your system, and immediatley annihiltes you.

    I wish it was summer already.

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    Pistolsex Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    Granted, but it ends up being cold all summer

    I wish I were a qual

  6. #176
    ZemonerZ Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    Granted, you are now a qual.... ?

    I wish I understood what qual was

  7. #177
    Vash2051 Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    Granted, you understand now!
    I wish I could make better wishes.

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    imported_OBCD Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    granted....try it out a little

    i wish i was superman

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    Pistolsex Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    Granted, but you have very small genetals.

    I wish I were harald and kumar

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    Ashreal Guest

    Re: Wishing thread

    Granted but you can't be them both at the same time.

    I wish my car would start

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