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Thread: You're Fired!

  1. Re: You're Fired!

    Heh, nice

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    [AE]LoneWolf Guest

    Smile Re: You're Fired!

    kinda looks like a ballerina guy doing some moves!

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    Balk-hawk-man2 Guest

    Question Re: You're Fired!

    i dont get it????

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    Twi$ted Met@l Guest

    Re: You're Fired!

    Look at the gametext. I ran him over, and he took off, landing in the wall at the palace!!

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    CitizenOne Guest

    Re: You're Fired!

    Am I the only James Bond fan here or something?


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    M16 Guest

    Re: You're Fired!

    Haha, nice POTD.

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    I-Kodiak-I Guest

    Re: You're Fired!

    :laugh: thats a good one, very good potd

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    Re: You're Fired!

    rofl very funny.
    when I first saw the caption I thought of Arnies second best movie True Lies, when he gives that sweet one liner at the end when he shoots the missel that the bad guy is attached to.

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    Muttmonsta Guest

    Re: You're Fired!

    hahah great pic!

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    WWJN Guest

    Re: You're Fired!

    That is awsome.

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