Get ready for some fun in the sun resort style! Our latest review here on Total Gaming Network has staff writer ThQp participating in a number of new sports in Nintendo's follow up to one of their most successful games on the Wii, Wii Sports Resort. Here's the intro to the article:

Four years ago, Nintendo unveiled their newest console: the Wii. With it came the promise of full interaction with your games, using your physical movements as a controller. To demonstrate exactly what was in store, Wii Sports was shipped with every console sold. While it may have seemed like great fun to many, those who were expecting perfect motion-sensing technology were disappointed.

It has been nearly three years since Wii Sports was released, and now Nintendo is giving the game and the technology a second try. Armed now with the Wii's latest peripheral, Wii MotionPlus, Wii Sports Resort aims to provide gamers with plenty of new and exciting mini-games. Is Wuhu Island a paradise, or should Nintendo head back to the drawing board? Read more...

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When you're on an island, why not jet ski?

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