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    Command & Conquer 4 to be Online Only

    Arstechnica are reporting that the latest version of Command and Conquer will require users to be online, all the time in order to play. Here is what APOC, C&C community rep had to say:

    As of right now, you need to be online all the time to play C&C 4. This is primarily due to our 'player progression' feature so everything can be tracked. C&C 4 is not an MMO in the sense of World of Warcraft, but conceptually it has similar principles for being online all the time.

    While some may be taken aback by this, we've been testing this feature internally with all of our world-wide markets, we wanted to make sure it wouldn't take away any significant market or territory from playing the game. We have not found or seen any results that have made us think otherwise. You won't need a broadband connection, in fact you'll be able to use a dial-up connection to get the game to play.

    What we are doing for multiplayer for the game and with our infrastructure for this game is unlike any we've produced before and I think you will finally see the culmination of a lot of key learnings from past projects in C&C 4, in this respect. As a nice side effect, since C&C4 requires players to be online all the time in order to prevent cheating, we'll be shipping without any form of DRM

    Read the full article here and leave is your thoughts!

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    Re: Command & Conquer 4 to be online only

    Requiring an online connection for singleplayer is simply ridiculous.

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    Is this their way of dealing with all the bad press they have been getting about DRM?

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    I think its just a problem of employing people that come up with dumb ideas

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