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    Doc Holliday Guest


    hello guys I just never really went on here but I was signed up but anyways im doc holliday the famous outlaw there is. its an true fact im related to him. well anyways add me ingame battlefield 2142 and if you do add me then type in totalbf2142 site plz thx


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    Re: hello

    Welcome to the wonderful world that is TGN Doc Holiday!

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    Re: hello

    Hey man, welcome to TGN!

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    Doc Holliday Guest

    Re: hello

    thx guys its cool here so what agmes do you guys play

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    [7ID]A|Pvt.Devuna Guest

    Re: hello

    Hi, Doc! welcome to the magical world of Total Gaming Network *slime slime, can i have rep now *

    Anyway, I mostly play BF2 and CoD4

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    Doc Holliday Guest

    Re: hello

    so is there anybody recruiting? cause im looking for a clan to join

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    Re: hello

    Good place to have a look around for BF2142 clans recruiting would be the tbf Clan Discussion

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    Re: hello

    Do you play any other TGN games?

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    Re: hello

    hmm.. if it's the doc holiday I know, you WILL want this type of player in your clan

    Easy to tell the real doc, you WILL die fast & often

    Welcome to TGN, please enjoy your stay

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