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    Post America's Army 3 - First Look

    America's Army developer [Dev]Pye reports via the official AA forums some new information regarding the beta program for the upcoming America's Army 3. Check it out:

    Id like to take a few minutes to give you all a brief SITREP on AA3 and address a rumor about a September 2008 release date. Although AA3 will not be released this month, the good news is that we are getting very close to a Beta release date. I can say with confidence that a Beta release will occur this winter and the game is looking fabulous.

    Which brings me to the next issue which is our Beta Tester program. Weve decided to expand our existing program to include many of our most loyal fans including competitive and long time players, active forum and irc members, and last but not least an open invitation for Beta team applicants which well announce on this website.

    Recently, Soldier magazine ran a front page article on the Army and gaming in which AA featured prominently. As part of that news article, a few images from AA3 development that were used in the article were released on various .mil websites that certain eagle-eyed members of the community have found. One of the shots is a view of a tent city that will become one of our UI backgrounds. I stated earlier that this is a photoshop mock up. This is not entirely accurate, I was erring on the side of caution at the time because I can't tell you what in that image was from in-game and what is a Photoshop effect. This screenshot is taken directly from the game, and I can assure you that there has been no Photoshop magic worked upon it.

    View the news here.

    Thanks to FPSAdmin for the news.

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    That looks pretty amazing...

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