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Thread: need help

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    namvet70 Guest

    need help

    I have been trading emails with EA support for 10 days now and am getting nowhere. They seem to completely ignore my problems and write something from a script.

    I played on the last Beta servers and when the patch came out, could not play on regular servers. Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of the original BF2142 download from 2006. When I go the EA Download manager, it only shows a play icon and not a download icon. I tried to just buy the game again, and it said OOPs you already bought this, so we will not charge you, but charged me $ 50.13 thru PayPal anyway. I bought another copy of BF2142 at EB Games this past weekend for $ 19.

    Any help with my situation or dealing with EA "support" would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !


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    namvet70 Guest

    Re: need help

    I finally got some help from a live person. I had to call the company headquarters in Redwood City, California, and they were very helpful.

    As a disabled veteran, it doesn't take much to get me upset.


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    wardogHk Guest

    Re: need help

    Yeah, EA support via internet is real BS. Good to know every thing worked out for you.

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    namvet70 Guest

    Re: need help

    The key to the whole thing was I didn't know I had to do a complete uninstall to be able to download again thru Ea Download Manager. The folks reading the scripts didn't mention that.


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    I had the same problem a while back, actually I still do. Lol. I havent been able to get my BF2 expansion packs becuase of the same crap. So your saying I need to uninstall the ea loader then reinstall it? Not that I have played BF2 in a while but its not to say I won't.

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