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    SpectreZH Guest

    x1300 v x1300pro

    just want to ask which the better of the two

    cause i bought the x1300 for a reasonable price, not third-party and i tried out the pro but there was barely improved performance, i turned it to high level of graphics on the x1300 but if it just increase the lighting to high on the x1300pro, it was actually slower than expected. so there was no improvement rewarded if i upgrade to the pro and i spent $60 more for no improvement in performance


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    Re: x1300 v x1300pro

    how much did u spend on the card? and what currency? also that card isnt the best for gaming but it still does get good frame rates in most games.

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    SpectreZH Guest

    Re: x1300 v x1300pro

    $119 on the X1300 and $169 on the proi dont want to get any really high end cards right now b/c i want to build another gaming machine in the future and buy those then

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    NoSoup4You Guest

    Re: x1300 v x1300pro

    You over paid drastically....

    Anyways, yah no sense in spending more then you need.

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    abtomat74 Guest

    Re: x1300 v x1300pro

    Yes, for those prices(LESS actually) you could have gotten an x1600XT.

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    Re: x1300 v x1300pro

    A card of the same core such as the x1300 and x1300pro perform almost the same with minor differences.

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    SpectreZH Guest

    Re: x1300 v x1300pro

    guess i should return my card and buy it off the web

    thanx for ur help

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