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  1. Choosing computer case?

    I'm building a new PC next week, I pretty much have decided on most components in my new monster except the computer case. I will post links to products and say what I think is a con and what I think is a good feature, so you can help me decide which one to choose.

    XCLIO A380BK Fully Black

    Pros: 2x 20 cm fans for case cooling, nice look and finish. Extra mount for a back 120mm fan, big case.
    Cons: Annoying front panel door, side panel revealing hard Drive bays,


    Pros: Temperature display LCD panel, fan speed regulations, 2x 25cm fans on the side panel and 1 20cm fan on top, plus 12cm fan in the back, nice finish
    Cons: No transparent side panel, annoying front panel door.

    Antec Twelve Hundred Black

    Pros: lots of fans, nice finish, liquid cooling ready, PSU mount on bottom, no front panel door, nice side panel.
    Cons: Expensive.

    Or if you have something nice, to recommend post below.

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    reynolddog Guest

    Re: Choosing computer case?

    The Antec 1200.

    Choice one, my friend has it. It's AWFUL. It may look like it will do an Uber job with that big arse fan up front, but it simply is inefficient.


    Design looks funky. And from there other towers design, I wouldn't even bother. They seem to be trying to be innovative, but it doesn't look all that great.

    The Cosmo's are great cases, gets an Alex seal of sexerlent.

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    Re: Choosing computer case?

    The 1200 definitely..The build quality and precision compared to the xclios wil be phenomenal and worth the extra price tag...

  4. Re: Choosing computer case?

    I think I'll go with the Antec it has a lot of fans.

    Coolmaster just is diffrent, I like lights and stuff so I want have a case with a clear side panel...
    I dont know I'll think about it.

    Anyone has any suggestions on a good PSU 850w+ that doesn't cost more the $200?

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    Re: Choosing computer case?

    What's the rest of your specs?
    This is the only 850w+ PSU from a brand I know that I can find on Newegg for less than 200. There's a few Coolermaster and OCZ ones too, but I don't know about them.

  6. Re: Choosing computer case?

    This is what Im getting I bought the PSU + Computer case combo like 5 minutes ago. Got a 1000w Antec PSU and the Antec 1200 computer case together for $380. PSU is like $250 and the case is $214 so I saved $80.

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