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    Lol genius dice :P

    Go to And then to work at dice&then careers. Watch that movie how funny:laugh::laugh:In the style of battlefield herroes. At one of the pc's you actually see totalgamingNetwork. _O_

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P

    Yeah, nice find That movie was awesome

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P


    Awesome find indeed...

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    haha yeh man that was great it said made by noken is that "the" noken from snoken as in frost ?
    i never knew he worked for dice...

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P

    yeah its snoken, But i didnt know he worked for dice either..
    I think EA Just gives him Millions to make this type of movies:laugh:

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P

    lol i love DICE sometimes.

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P

    Did you see who that movie was made by? DICE Intern *real name* aka "Noken". Noken=Co-Creator of FROST

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P

    Read the post of chris fin.. We allready saw that..

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    Re: Lol genius dice :P

    Damn, missed that xD

  10. Re: Lol genius dice :P

    muahahaha you analitical skills have been thwarted this time muahahahahaha some more

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