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  1. COD4 Machinima - Anathema

    Check this out...some guy removed all the hud elements, then followed MacMillan around in free-cam during the All Ghillied Up & One Shot One Kill missions. He spliced scenes together, and put it to music, like a "real" movie.

    It's about 8 min long. Pretty good, IMO.


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    wow!!!! that was the best movie ive ever seen!!!!!! i loved the ending with the behind enemy lines tune ^^

  3. That was an awesome video

  4. Yea watched this the other day, pretty cool!

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    that was impressive

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    [7IR]581|Pvt.Md2a Guest
    Oh wow, that was great. Very well put together.

  7. Very well done. All Ghillied Up is by far the best and most suspenseful SP mission, and this video manages to make it even more thrilling.

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    Very nice indeed.

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    that was good, I enjoyed it.

    I think that if it wasn't for us being avid video game players (especially cod4) we wouldn't be able to tell that that video was made using a video game. anyone else agree?

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    yup ^^

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