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  1. Re: The "New Catalyst Drivers"

    I haven't tried the 5.8s yet. I'm running pretty smoothly on the 5.6s. I upgraded to the 5.7 - after doing a complete uninstall with drivercleaner, regcleaner, and regsupreme - and it BLEW! It was a complete mess on my screen, i couldn't tell what was going on. did a clean install of the 5.6, and everything's nice again. i want to try out the 5.8, but i don't feel like going through that whole thing again if it's not going to work for me. Has anyone out there running an ATI 9700 128 mb card tried the 5.8?

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    Spart1337 Guest

    Re: The "New Catalyst Drivers"

    lucky guys. mine sux. im stickin with 5.6 i guess.

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    WingNutz Guest

    Re: The "New Catalyst Drivers"

    5.6's - stick with a winner

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    atgreco Guest

    Re: The "New Catalyst Drivers"

    Using the 5.6 and having no problems. Tried a clean install of the 5.8 and have had major problems, as in i could see through walls!? Like the textures just weren't loading.
    I'm running:
    -P4 540 (3.2ghz)
    -1gig ram
    -HIS ICEQ Radeon 9800 Pro
    -XP Pro SP2

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    WrAth2110 Guest

    Re: The "New Catalyst Drivers"

    Havent gotten them yet. Ill hold off for now.

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