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21st Century Warfare has announced what they plan to do for the start of their Frontlines: Fuel of War campaign. Check it out:

The time has finally come! Frontlines:Fuel of War has arrived! 21st Century Warfare begins its journey back towards Organized Combat this week, beginning explosively on Tuesday.

This coming Tuesday, March 4th, between 8pm and 10pm, EST, 21st Century Warfare will be the first Frontlines:Fuel of War live broadcast with EREV. It is a unique opportunity for 21CW community members to demonstrate their fighting way to the world and put 21st Century Warfare on display in real-time on the Web. The day following the broadcast, an archive of the event will be posted in EREV's website for viewing. This is the first in a series of broadcasts with EREV and opens up a number of opportunities. You can learn more about EREV, view the video archive and watch the live broadcast stream here: http://www.e-rev.tv/.

If you want to participate in this, you must be an active member of 21st Century Warfare's War Simulation - meaning you must be in a division. So if you are on the fence, this is a great time to get involved - during the youthful age of 21CW:FFOW!

This week's activities don't stop with Tuesday night fights. Friday and Saturday we begin fighting again with the initial battles of the beta campaign, but with a new flavor. We will be fighting as 21CW knows to fight - on a private, passworded battleserver without the random interruptions public players provide.

We are focusing efforts in this early stage of 21CW:FFOW and as a result we will be fighting in two time slots on Friday and Saturday - 2-5pm EST and 8-11pm EST. As we continue to move towards our first formal campaign, we will continue to open up the hours we fight and constantly push the limits of the game engine and our fighting ways.

Finally, along with the revamped community forums, we are able to start fighting in FFOW the way 21st Century Warfare knows how - all out, fun, organized, intense battles. Come and join us on the battlefield by getting involved with your favorite division - free of charge. Get involved with the Mod discussion taking place and if all else fails, there's always the casino to keep you occupied.

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield soon! Check us out on EREV Tuesday!

Best Regards,
The 21st Century Warfare Staff

Be sure to visit the 21st Century Warfare Website to sign up and get playing!