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    flightless Guest

    In-Game Advertising Questionnaire and Discussion

    Hey all,

    I’m a student from Newcastle, England, who is currently working on my Marketing dissertation and I was wondering if some of you would be so kind to help me out by filling in a questionnaire I have devised, in relation to In-Game Advertising.

    As a fellow gamer, I have always been interested in the growing trend towards companies entering the market via In-Game Advertising (IGA), and have always questioned “Does In-Game Advertising really prove effective?”, to which I hope to answer in my completed report.

    No personal information is required, No email addresses or anything, just a case of giving your opinion on a few questions.
    Link: In-Game Advertising Questionnaire

    And just to get a discussion going in here, what is everyone's view on In-Game advertising? Is it good for the industry? Should we embrace it or should we fight it? Is it wrong for companies to record our personal details?

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    A few of the questions weren't great as it was either yes or no, and in a lot of cases, my opinion varied both ways...

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    I did it, with games like FIFA where their real life counterparts include ridiculous amounts of advertising I suppose it's acceptable but most other games for me it disrupts the experience.

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    completed. finshed.

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    Eagle101 Guest

    i think IGA sux in FPS, RTS, TPS, mmog, MMORPG.

    i think they belong in sport games such as NBA or FIFA, cuz in real life u see those adverts Coke or Pepsi in sport games as sponsors, and racing games as well.

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