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    Warhawk Guest

    convert cd's to a dvd?

    hey guys,

    Just wondering if there is such program that I can take my cd's and put them on a dvd. Basically, I want to take my world of warcraft discs and put them on 1 or 2 dvd's instead of 8 cd's. Anyone know if this is possible or if there is a program that can do such a thing?

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    Trevortt Guest
    Just copy the files from the cd's onto your hdd and then make a data disk on the dvd and add them.

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    First blame NA publishers for being stupid enough to keep selling games on CDs, then do something like Trevortt said. Seriously though I haven't seen/bought a newly released game on CD for probably 5ish years?

    Must be a big stock pile they need to get rid of huh?

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    I think you should make an image of each CD and add them to the dvd as a data disc. That will help keep it much cleaner and easier to use. Since it is 8 CD's you will probably need to use 2 DVD's.

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