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    FM_Echo_One Guest
    I don't mind Clan servers, but prepared to get kicked if you:

    1) Whore more (than them).
    2) Start pwning (them) a lot.
    3) Steal (their) vehicles.
    4) Start trash talking (towards them).
    5) Use (their) cheese against them.

    #2 and #5 are 'popular.'

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    MrE|PUB Guest
    the SK guys helped me trash the stats for a commander badge once (jeeze i hate commander)

    tbh the more i play on public servers the more i am becoming disenchanted with the bf2 public community

    i usually play 64 man because its busy i guess, but the noob/******* count seems to be much higher in bf2 than any other game ive ever played. don't get me wrong i enjoy playing this game. its sublime when im in a good squad with voice and commander who gives a ****. but that seems to happen 5% of the time max.

    what a pity

    best server so far - UK1

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    Brian Guest
    There should be a single thread about lame servers.. These guys kicked me with only a few seconds left in the game. IIRC I had 130+ points.. :laugh:

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    holy crap dude, ping 2500???

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    Cotizi Guest
    thats 2.5 seconds of latency. good luck with the fight soldier!

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    Cosmos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Baseline
    Well, no offense, but you have to consider that people can do whatever they want with their servers in regards to kicking/banning people. Even if an admin is having a bad day and wants to just sit there and kick people as they join because the admin is sick and twisted like that, it's their choice. I've been kicked for taking the admins plane a few times over the years in BF42. lol...

    They do pay for their servers though, so they are free to choose their wacky rules/reasonings for kicking. Most servers I've gone on though never have admins though so far since BF2 launched.

    and just as it is their right to be douchebags, it is our right to lable them as so in order to avoid dealing with them :P

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    theTyrant Guest
    also it is common for clans to kick people to make room for their own members, or you may get kicked for high ping. Or the server may kick you randomly (there are still bugs especially with Linux servers)

    these things dont make the admins 'lamers' they are just life and you should learn to deal with them

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    Hoc server.

    Plain ****

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    DeathGiver Guest
    Instead of whining about servers in here why dont you not play on em. Theres other servers out there and posting about em here wont help the situation.

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    I don't think that this is a good idea, as you feel it is your right to list servers where you feel you have been unjustly kicked or banned. It will also be their right to come here and pleed their case. At which point things turn into a gripe fest. It has happened before and I can't see this being productive now.

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