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    Jeffrey_Dahmer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by excalibur69
    well i would have to disagree with you there. ubar has not missed a step in terms of requirements
    Rubbish. They state that the Airborne ribbon qual is 10 secs in a parachute. It's not. I've jumped out of helos and spent 15+ seconds in a chute, and didn't get the award.

    OTOH, bailing out of a plane allowed me to get it in about 5 (I had a stopwatch). It seems to be based on altitude/vehicle, rather than time in chute.

    They've missed on more than one occasion.


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    Mureke Guest
    Today, I had the honor of playing as commander on mrDeus's team, and was surprised at all the whining. Even though mrDeus wouldn't get to be commander every round, I don't think it'd be an excuse to harrass the standing commander. This might be offtopic , but perhaps we should ease up with the ribbons a little. Concentrate on the fun part of teamplay.

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    Deus Guest
    Oh well. He probably deserved it. I was possibly tank whoring and he probably left me without supplies.

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    Deus Guest
    Lets try to compile a list of who has the ribbon to check the 3/1 W/L criteria

    These are the people i know so far that has the ribbon:


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    Morrtin Guest
    Damn only another 400wins

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    [BiA]Jev Guest
    I your side is losing and you leave the server before the round ends, do you still get a lose on the stats?

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    VISTREL Guest
    I will never get that ribbon because commanding is just too boring for me, and I always bring bad luck to my team it happens so often..I join up the server, and get auto transferred to MEC, we loose that rnd I go to USA with hope to win but then USA looses, another round and US looses again..I switch back to MEC and then MEC looses.....if u see DUSHMAN on your team be aware that you might not get your warcollege ribbon...

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    excalibur69 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by [BiA]Jev
    I your side is losing and you leave the server before the round ends, do you still get a lose on the stats?
    yes, tried this yesterday...if your stats go in for a match you left half way through, and your team ends up losing, you get a loss

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    DiSTuRBeDKBAS Guest
    Having a garbage commander is what makes me leave games. No UAV? No Artillery? No Supplies? Why even play Battlefield 2? You should just go play Halo if you want to play games for "rank" and in this case "ribbons." I think it would be easier to hack the damn scoring system if you want that ribbon so bad. I play to kill (sniper) or heal/repair if I choose that kit. My goal is to reach the #1 Sniper spot. I play random servers and don't EXPLOIT. I don't care about ribbons. It's cool to be awarded, and it's even better to be suprised with them.
    I don't mean to flame you, but I guess it's because I'm in the Army. I've actually earned awards based on merit/skill. I've never tried to make someone give them to me.
    Basically, being a garbage commander screws your entire team, and if BF2 had a majority rule kick vote, you'd have a mutiny on your hands every time you tried the crap in the first post on this thread.

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    Deus Guest
    @ Disturbed.

    Man you are seriously disturbed. I play like that for one round out of 400 rounds just to get a badge. I stated it properly now stop whining

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