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    Inco Guest

    TIP: Something that sorted my GFX lag (NVIDIA)

    When i was suffering from the GFX lag at the start of the first loaded round. I completley overlooked a setting for my card.

    In SYS tray > NVIDIA settings > Performance and quality settings >System Performance > make sure its on high performance.

    I changed this from Quality to the above setting and the game runs sweet as a dream.

    Now i apprciate that this is a simple thing and im sure most of u out there have done this. But just in case i thought id post.

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    buglenutsman Guest
    ive done that...but theres prolly people out there that didnt know that, so thanks for the tip!

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    Tastyburger Guest
    Cheers Mate, will give it a bash

  4. It will make the game faster, but graphical quality is reduced considerably, so those who like your eye candy might not want to do this if you are getting good performance already.
    The optimal setting is "Quality"

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    Coderedpl Guest
    i cant even find In SYS tray > NVIDIA settings > Performance and quality settings >System Performance >

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    skleg Guest
    Yeah, where is SYS tray and all that?

  7. Next to your clock...
    There should be a small NVidia logo, right click it.

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    maforduk Guest
    I have mine on Quality, but if I change it to much Eye Candy do I LOSE?

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