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Thread: Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday

    Today we celebrate a man who has brought both good and bad times to the OT section as well as the entire interwebz.

    This man is always entertaining but can sometimes become annoying. This man is none other than RICK ASTLEY! Here is a tribute.


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  3. Booooooooo

  4. Lock this post, Lock this post!!!!!!

  5. Hyeki (38), RsF-Frosti (35), Forsyth (25), must all be so happy to share the same birthday lol, happy brithday to those too .

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    Oli Guest
    Happy Birthday

    Keep Rolling !

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    There is no way I'm clicking that video. Nevar!

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    Dont rickroll Alex, you'll get an infraction.

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    Happy Birthyday Sweet Prince!!

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    Oli Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mooby McMoob View Post
    Dont rickroll Alex, you'll get an infraction.
    I Rick Roll'd him with my sig. Im still waiting

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