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  1. "New" PUBG Cheat Allows for Instant Heals and Instant Revives

    I just saw this one over at PC Gamer. It seems as though a new cheat is making the rounds for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that allows the user to not only instantly heal themselves but also...
  2. John Cena Might Be Duke Nukem in Upcoming Film

    First off, why is there going to be a film adaptation of Duke Nukem? Secondly, why is John Cena in talks to play the title character?

    These are all questions that I don't care to have...
  3. Rust to Leave Early Access After Four Years

    After four "long" years of development, Garry Newman and his team at Facepunch Studios have decided that it's high time to let Rust leave Steam Early Access. On February 8, you will be able to...
  4. Android 21 Enters the Battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Bandai Namco is showing off Android 21 for Dragon Ball FighterZ today. This is her first appearance in the Dragon Ball universe, or the DBU as I'm fond of calling it.

    We don't know a whole...
  5. Professional NBA Star Paul George Helped to Design These PlayStation Themed Nike Shoes

    The idea of a "PlayStation themed shoe" isn't really a weird one, nor is it unique. It has been done a number of times in the past.

    However, we haven't had one in a few years and apparently...
  6. Sonic Creator Yuji Naka Joins Square Enix

    Yuji Naka, the creator behind the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog, has announced a new phase in his career today. Via Twitter, the developer stated that he has joined up with Square Enix.
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    Far Cry 5 PC Requirements Revealed

    The PC requirements and recommended specs needed for Far Cry 5 were announced today by the team at Ubisoft. Kirill Bragin, the PC Version Producer for Far Cry 5 says that the "PC has always...
  8. I copied it from elsewhere since I couldn't copy...

    I copied it from elsewhere since I couldn't copy it from the PDF. I've since gone through and managed to copy the text directly from the legal PDF, so any mistakes are as a result from that document.
  9. You Will Never Be This Good at Guitar Hero - Randyladyman Full Clears 'Through the Fire and Flames' While Blindfolded

    Guitar Hero 3 came out over ten years ago. And while you may have seen people play and complete the game's most difficult song, Through the Fire and Flames, on expert difficulty, you haven't...
  10. Crytek Responds to Cloud Imperium Games' Response to Initial Crytek Lawsuit

    This week we got to see the planned response from Crytek that addresses the recent legal response by Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) to dismiss a lawsuit from Crytek over Star Citizen. I say it's a...
  11. Unfaithful Streamer to Return to Streaming in February, Fans Go Wild

    Dr. Disrespect announced that he will be returning to streaming on February 5. This comes via a new in-character video posted to his Twitter late last night.

    From the looks of the video in...
  12. Free Call of Duty: WWII Event Scheduled Around Release of Resistance DLC

    Starting on January 23, Activision is planning a free event for Call of Duty: WWII that coincides with the release of the Resistance DLC. This is apparently limited to some in-game event that...
  13. We Happy Few Delayed; New Female Character Revealed

    Alright We Happy Few fans, it's good news and bad news time. The bad news is that the game has been delayed. The good news is that there is now a playable female character that you'll be able...
  14. New One Piece World Seeker Screenshots

    Just a simple bit of news for you One Piece World Seeker fans out there. It's just a good deal of new screenshots and a short bit of information on the game. One Piece World Seeker will be...
  15. Life is Strange: Before the Storm Limited Edition and Vinyl Edition Arrive in March

    Square Enix is going to bring two different physical releases for Life is Strange: Before the Storm on March 6 in the US and March 9 in PAL regions. You have your choice of the Limited Edition...
  16. Be a Dick: Genital Jousting Leaves Early Access Today

    The only game that allows you to be a dick in the most literal sense of the phrase, Genital Jousting, is out of Early Access today. The game is just $6.99 through Steam and is brought you by...
  17. Disc Jam Brings Intense Fri to the Switch on February 8

    High Horse Entertainment announced today that Disc Jam will be released on the Nintendo Switch on February 8. Disc Jam is a bit like extreme competitive Frisbee. If you know what Windjammers...
  18. That Vampyr Web Series Started Today

    Exactly one week after we first brought you news of an upcoming web series for Vampyr, comes the first episode. DONTNOD Presents Vampyr takes you behind the scenes of the development of...
  19. New Behind the Scenes Video for Psychological Action Game Past Cure; Release Date Set for February 23


    Past Cure is a game that promises to deliver to you a "story-driven Indie game that combines intense action, stealth, and survival horror." That's a pretty tall order from developer Phantom...
  20. Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Expansion is Out Starting in February

    Those that own the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will get to start playing the fourth (and final) expansion, Battlefield 1 Apocalypse, in February. This expansion will add five new multiplayer...
  21. Look at All of These Minigames You Can Play in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

    Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is about to hit those of us in the States on March 20, 2018. It's so close I can almost hear the multitudes of "nani." And true to the nature of the franchise,...
  22. Nintendo Wants to Sell You $80 Cardboard

    Look at you with your fancy new Nintendo Switch. You think you got it all, don't you? You got the Marios and the Peekachus and the Zeldos. But I know something you don't have. Yeah, that's...
  23. Smaller YouTube Partners Get Screwed by New Policy

    To those of you who like to upload their videos to YouTube in the hopes of earning a few bucks here or there, this is important to hear. YouTube is about to implement some stricter...
  24. Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones Arrives Next Week

    Ubisoft announced that The Hidden Ones DLC for Assassin's Creed Origins will be released next week on January 23. This announcement also comes alongside word that the educational tour of...
  25. Two Point Hospital Announced, Spiritual Successor to Theme Hospital

    There once was a game called Theme Hospital. It was a wacky and charming hospital "simulator" in the late 90s that came out from Bullfrog and EA for the PC and PlayStation. It was a damn good...
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