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  1. Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Announced for May 15 Release; Opening Cinematic and New Screenshots

    Bandai Namco announced a May 15, 2018 release date for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time in the Americas. This is for both the PlayStation 4 and the PC (Steam) versions of the game.
  2. Everspace Enhanced Out Now on Xbox One X

    The roguelike 3D space shooter that made some decent waves on PC is now available on the Xbox One X. Everspace Enhanced takes everything you like about space combat and mixes it with some...
  3. Shape of the World Also Announced for Nintendo Switch

    A new "first-person exploration" game called Shape of the World arrives in a few months on the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but...
  4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Officially Announced

    Pretend to act surprised at this news! Coming out of left field is today's announcement by Square Enix and Eidos Montreal for Shadow of the Tomb Raider! This final game in the Lara Croft...
  5. Game Nominations Announced for the 2018 BAFTA Awards

    Today, a total of 45 games have been nominated by BAFTA in a variety of categories for the British Academy Games Awards for 2018. While the winners won't be announced until April 12, you can...
  6. New Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Trailer Released

    Bandai Namco released a new trailer today for the upcoming Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. The Level-5 developed RPG sequel is slated to be released on PlayStation 4 and PC on March 23, 2018....
  7. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and March Madness in World of Tanks

    Throughout March, Wargaming wants to celebrate both St. Patrick's Day and March Madness in World of Tanks on consoles. Starting on March 16, new in-game events will be unleashed, plus new...
  8. Geralt of Rivia Officially Revealed as Special Soulcalibur 6 Character

    As expected, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise was revealed as a special guest fighter for Soulcalibur 6 today. The announcement came earlier this morning from both Bandai Namco,...
  9. The Witcher's Geralt May Be Revealed as Guest Fighter for Soulcalibur VI

    About a week ago a rumor started to circulate that The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia would be included in Soulcalibur VI as a guest character. It also suggested that Kaer Morhen would be included...
  10. Noctis Joins the Fight in Tekken 7 on March 20

    Final Fantasy XV's lead protagonist, Noctis Lucim Caelum, will be released as DLC for Tekken 7 on March 20. As such, we have some new information and a new trailer for you to check out.

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    Extinction Story Trailer

    A new story trailer for Extinction (official website) came out today. This new trailer for Extinction can be found below.

    Legends have told of an elite group of warriors known as...
  12. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Leaks Include Release Date, Reveal Trailer, Logo, Platforms, and More

    There have been a mountain of leaks just in the past few days when it comes to the next Tomb Raider game. So far, we know that it's going to be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It will be...
  13. Skyrim VR Coming to SteamVR on April 3

    Come April 3, PC players can virtually become the Dragonborn when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR makes the move from PlayStation VR to SteamVR. This release will include the main game and all...
  14. Donna Burke and the Metal Gear Concert Series are Coming to Japan, US, and Europe in 2018

    Fans of the music from the Metal Gear franchise have a special reason to celebrate today. It was just announced that the official Metal Gear orchestral concert series will have shows outside...
  15. Former Halo and Battlefield Devs Announce New Third-Person Shooter: Scavengers

    What do you get when you put together some former developers of Halo with some former developers of Battlefield? You get Midwinter Entertainment and their newly announced third-person shooter,...
  16. Broly Joins the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

    Today, Broly was added as a new character today to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fans probably recognize the name.

    Originally portrayed as a calm and gentle Saiyan, once Broly was released from...
  17. Farming Simulator 17 ROPA DLC and Official Expansion 2 Out Today

    Farming Simulator 17 has two new pieces of content available today. First up is the new ROPA DLC along with the release of Official Expansion 2 for the PC. Let's just plow right on through the...
  18. Kerbal Space Program "Making History" Expansion is Out Now

    The new Making History expansion for Kerbal Space Program was released today. This new content is out for the PC and adds in a bunch of new content, including a "robust" Mission Builder...
  19. Wolfenstein II DLC - The Deeds of Captain Wilkins Now Available

    The final chapter in the Freedom Chronicles trilogy of DLC releases for Wolfenstein II was released today. It's called The Deeds of Captain Wilkins and you play as one Captain Gerald Wilkins....
  20. State of Decay 2 $70 Collector's Edition Announced but Doesn't Include the Game

    A special State of Decay 2 Collector's Edition was revealed today. This $69.99 (USD) offering is now the third way to play the game give money to Undead Labs and Microsoft. It joins the $49.99...
  21. The American Dream VR Game Announcement Trailer

    According to Samurai Punk (Screencheat), a development studio based out of Melbourne, Australia, "The American Dream" is guns. More specifically, the American Dream is a lot of guns. Guns from...
  22. Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile Gameplay Trailer and iOS Signups

    In addition to signups opening today for the iOS version of Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile, a reveal trailer also came out today. What is Fortnite Battle Royale for mobile? It's Fortnite Battle...
  23. Valve Announces Subscription Service Dota Plus "An Evolution of the Majors Battle Pass"

    Earlier today, Valve announced Dota Plus, a new monthly subscription service for Dota 2 that is "designed to help you get the most out of every match you play." They're also calling it an...
  24. PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Rolled Back Due to Compatibility Issues

    A recent update for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds was rolled back this morning at 3AM due to a few unforeseen issues. Specifically, the update was rolled back due to "some compatibility...
  25. FBI Alerted to EVO 2018 Mass Shooting Threat

    A Twitch viewer caused a fair bit of panic today after they threatened a mass shooting at this year's Evolution Championship Series (EVO). The Twitch user called "quackquackhonks" apparently...
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