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Quick TGN E3 2018 Wrap Up

by Shawn Zipay on 06-18-2018 at 06:40 PM
E3 was last week and I do believe the dust has finally settled. I decided, for my own sanity really, to try to take things a bit slower this year with getting news up from the event. This was especially evident by the casual pace in which I got a good chunk of the premieres and trailers up that were shown off during the major pre-E3 press conferences.

In previous years, I would try to get news up almost as soon as something was announced during the conferences. This was not only taxing on me but it meant that a lot of news posts went up without much substance to them. By simply waiting, a few things happened:

  1. Actual

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It's Almost 2018 and TGN is Still Around

by Shawn Zipay on 12-31-2017 at 10:36 PM
It's roughly three hours til midnight as I write this and while I would like to say I have some magical insight into what the next year brings both for myself and for Total Gaming Network, I can't.

In fact, this probably won't be too long of an update at all as I really cannot think of what all to talk about. In 2017 it feels as though I did not accomplish anywhere near what I would have liked with the site. While I said a while back that I would be phasing out TGN news in favor of more opinion type pieces, that obviously did not come to pass. A number of you mentioned that you enjoy the news postings and would be sad to see them

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Phasing Out TGN News

by Shawn Zipay on 05-07-2017 at 11:23 PM
I'll mention here and now that the news posts that went up near daily will more than likely be coming to an end soon.

I'd rather I shifted focus to more original content than copy and pasting things everyone already gets at a million other sites.

I'll hopefully have more on this soon. The more nuanced post will probably go up in the Announcement section here along with a main page posting.
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The Post About JonTron Being Racist and Colin Moriarty Being Sexist

by Shawn Zipay on 03-13-2017 at 11:44 PM
Recently, JonTron went in hard on supporting racist sentiments that culminated in him making incredibly racist and xenophobic remarks last night on Destiny's Twitch stream. We also have Colin Moriarty, the now former employee and co-founder of Kinda Funny Games, who "resigned" from the company following a series of politically ignorant and sexist remarks on Twitter these past few months. Moriarty's fate seemed sealed after a particularly sexist Twitter comment was met with some rather substantial and deserved backlash. Remember that he posted this on International Women's Day, a yearly event that celebrates women's rights movements.

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Site Issues

by Shawn Zipay on 01-20-2017 at 12:37 AM
Hey everyone, this is just a quick update about some of the issues we've had recently with the site.

Near the end of December our domain had expired. Tim and I had not realized this for longer than we care to admit. I just saw that the site up and died one day. He thought maybe something broke on the server we were on. Then he realized (after moving our site to an entirely different server location) that our domain had expired. Whoops.

We, once again, had to contact MyIS to renew it. By "we" I mean that Tim did that. No, I do not know why MyIS still controls that. No,

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