• Beginner Tips for Playing Counter-Strike Online

    For many years now, Valve Corporation and Nexon Corporation have been releasing different Counter-Strike games that have gone on to receive rave reviews. The Counter-Strike franchise is arguably one of the best right now owing to some stunning titles that are part of it. As such, many new gamers when they are making their decisions on which game to go for will often times come across one or more Counter-Strike games. It is against this background that we decided to come up with this detailed article which explores the game, Counter-Strike Online. Itís our hope that this article will provide the beginner with all they need when they want to start their gaming adventure in Counter-Strike Online. Just so you know, you can access and play Counter-Strike Online at online casino sites like this one.

    Game Overview

    Counter-Strike Online is a first-person shooter game that was developed by Valve Corporation and Nexon Corporation. The two companies in addition to others are also the official publishers of the game. The game only comes in multiplayer mode.

    Counter-Strike follows more or less the same path when it comes to the plot that was followed by its predecessors. In this game, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists will go head to head. A lot is at stake and these two opposing groups have to compete against each other in different modes so as to claim the bragging rights. The player will be rewarded at the end of the game; largely the player is rewarded based on his overall performance in the game. For taking more kills and winning more rounds, the player will receive different rewards which come in the form of in-game currency (used to purchase advanced weapons) and cash bonuses. Note that uncooperative elements such as killing oneís own teammates are not permissible hence if you do so, you will be penalized.

    While the plot of Counter-Strike Online is generally the same as that of other Counter-Strike games, Counter-Strike Online differs in that it is the first Counter-Strike game which introduces female players as playable characters. In addition, there are also new weapons in use and new skins in use when playing Counter-Strike. Most of these new weapons, however, are locked at the start hence players have to gain the requisite in-game points or virtual points in order to purchase them.


    As alluded to before, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists in this game battle in different modes. There are six such modes in Counter-Strike Online. Firstly, there is the Classic Mode in which the two groups are presented with a series of rounds to fight each other in defusing bombs, rescuing hostages and assassinating key targets. Secondly, there is the Deathmatches Mode where players respawn immediately after death. Thirdly, there is the Zombie Infection Mode where humans must survive against incoming zombie attacks. Fourthly, there is the Scenarios Mode where a group of human players have to fight against computer-controlled characters. Fifthly, there is the Fun Mode in which players have to complete different fun tasks such as launching bazookas or playing soccer. Last but not least there is the Player vs Player vs Environment Mode where players have to fight against each other while at the same time fighting against other elements such as zombies.
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