• Gary Busey Coming to Killing Floor 2... as Santa

    When a studio can't get the likes of Sean Bean, I suppose the next best thing will do. And apparently the "next best thing" is Gary Busey.

    That's right, Gary Busey is coming to a game and that game is Killing Floor 2. Busey will star as "Badass Santa" in the upcoming Killing Floor 2 "Twisted Christmas: Season's Beatings" update. This update will launch a bit closer to Christmas in early December.

    the Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings update is one of Tripwire Interactive’s biggest events to date with new maps, weapons, and a new playable Badass Santa purchasable character voiced by Gary Busey himself! Busey also voiced the Trader in the update which will be free for all players during the Christmas themed event.

    Today’s announcement also follows exciting news that publisher and developer Tripwire Interactive has sold over three million units globally of Killing Floor 2 across all platforms since the title first launched in November, 2016. With roots in the modding community as winners of the Make Something Unreal 2004 competition with Red Orchestra, Tripwire Interactive continues to keep active players engaged while growing its player base with regular, significant updates and close communications with its community.

    To celebrate this milestone, all Killing Floor 2 players can look forward to the gift of Gary Busey when the Killing Floor 2 – Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings update launches. Soon, Killing Floor 2 players can let Gary Busey advise them on weapon and gear purchases between rounds at the Free Trader station. Players interested in an advanced look at the Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings update are advised to keep an eye on the official Steam page for details on how to access the upcoming beta for the update soon.

    Killing Floor 2 – Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings update key features include:

    • New Badass Santa Playable Character and Trader voiced by Gary Busey
    - Wish your fellow players blood tidings and season’s beatings with the new purchasable playable Badass Santa character and complimentary Trader voice

    • New Map: Santa’s Workshop
    - Beat back waves of zeds in this brand-new objective survival map

    • New Map: Shopping Spree
    - Take a ride through this fan favorite community map

    • Four New Weapons
    - Thompson – SWAT / Commando
    - Krampus Battle Axe – Berserker
    - M32 Grenade Launcher – Demolitionist
    - Fire Axe – Berserker

    • The Return of Christmas Seasonal Zeds
    - Deck the halls with blood and monsters! This year’s winter update marks the return of zesty Christmas-themed zeds

    • Road Redemption Exclusive Weapon: The Road Redeemer
    - This chained bat for the Berserker class will be available for players who own both Killing Floor 2 and Road Redemption on Steam,PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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